Sgt Slingsby Challenges

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by abacus, Nov 6, 2005.

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  1. During the Embra crawl we were set a magnificent challenge by MDN (I'll let him decide if he wishes to post full details) which resulted in an additional £100 being raised for the Slingsby fund.

    So I reckon there is an opportunity here for more of the same. Doesn't need to be crawl related - although I do think we should start calling them Slingsby Reunions (and having lots more of them).

    I will start the ball rolling for the London crawl and I hope as many of you as possible join in with challenges of your own.

    £100 from me as soon as a photo appears in the gallery of Slingsby checking into the Union Jack Club (something many of us will recognise) provided he is still wearing his kilt. yes I know, MDN, I'm a jock git and you'll get me back!:lol:

    MODs/COs could someone make this a sticky please. I would but I'm not so I can't :D
  2. Yep No probs.

    With the anniversary of the battle in which Bill Speakman won his VC and the location of the crawl, I offered £100 to the kitty if my surrogate son could be pictured with his medal...

    Looks like I owe £100
  3. Thanks abacus, the challenge is accepted.

    Embra challenge was successfully completed, MDN should get his sexy arrse to the bank and I am never gonna apologise for the kilt. He is a cutie in it. Pics will appear in gallery, complete with VC as soon as I can.
  4. Abacus, is that it! Challenge accepted, get your cheque book ready! Thats like taking sweets of a baby!

    MDN are you setting another Slingsby mission for London?

  5. What would be really good is if ARRSErs could set a whole load of mini-challenges for smaller amounts.

    For example, Slingsby at the gates of Buckingham Palace for a fiver, Slingsby on a London Bus for a fiver (a specific route number for a tenner), that sort of thing.

    So come on folks - get imaginative and get donating!
  6. FFS Abacus, How long do you think we are going to be in London for, and if we get to many challenges we will be wasting valuable drinking time!! So bear that in mind when you set the challenges please!!
  7. pmsl@Sluice (who kept me sober and in a jacket & tie long enough to get Slingsby into Edinburgh Castle)

    Set the challenges folks but do be gentle with them :D
  8. That had to be done, to get MDN to splash out his cash! Yeah come on guy's, will check the list closer to the time and attempt to complete as many as possible! So dig deep and use your imagination! keep it clean and legal mind, we don't want to be using the funds raised as bail money!
  9. Another slingsby challenge arrived on my desk over the weekend.

    A mighty fine Regiment in Scotland has put £100 quid on the table if Sgt 'Barry' Slingsby gets himself on the strength of a unit complete with army number and unicom entry.
  10. Be careful Liz by doing that he may be eligable for duty on the day of the crawl. :wink: