Sgt Roberts Transcripts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by one_flew_over, Jan 15, 2004.

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  2. What's the betting B'liar manages to somehow deflect the blame to some nameless faceless official :| After all ' ya'know me it's Tone, everyone's mate '! :D :wink:
  3. the spin has started on question time tonight enough sets of cba were sent it wasn't our fault they wern't issued was efectivley the answer so looks like the RLC is going to be the fall guy.

    BTW Channel 4 news are looking for people to tell them what kit deficiencies they had in the gulf

    top tip get someone who isn't in the forces to send in your response
  4. Right, stupid civvy mode engaged again. Can anyone explain to me why every soldier in a combat or close support arm doesn't have his very own armour issued to him after he joins his unit to have and to hold 'till civvy street do he part? Failing that shouldn't it be issued as they get on the plane to go anywhere remotely dangerous?
    Surely it would save a lot of chasing about to issue stuff before the recipients are scattered over God-knows how many kM^2 of desert.
  5. 749

    749 Old-Salt

    far too easy mate
    stores are for storing
    everyone knows that
    if you give guys stuff they might need / want then the QM would have nothing to count :!:

    seriously though this is an appaling story and something should be done and heads should roll
  6. Politicians...slimey bastards at the best....but this lot truly take he piss!
    I mean Hoon, this is the guy who was on holiday skiing when i was in Iraq, He should of been checking reciept vouchers for CBA (OK bit far fetched but you get my drift)
    As for issuing CBA on your 1157 (kitlist) I dont see the problem, I mean my last unit managed it as soon I was posted in I had one issued.

    Correct me if I'm wrong (could be looking through rose tinted glasses) but I don't remeber this amount of Q stores f*ck ups last time we went to the Gulf ( although we did have 5 months lead up and I was a sprog straight out of the factory)

    Generally the whole deployment struck me as having been a rush job planed on the back of a fag packet with no shake down time, I mean I was told the day before Xmas leave...... again great leadership from politicians.........W*nkers!!!
  7. It gets better...

    Hoon, the man who several times categorically stated that everyone had all the kit they needed, and even called on the media to apologise for reporting that they didn't, is quoted on the BBC as saying:

    'I am also extremely sorry that Sgt Roberts did not have the enhanced body armour. It is something ministers wanted to happen, and indeed ministers ensured that 36000 sets of body armour were sent to theatre for that purpose.'

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but is he not contradicting himself?

    There is a world of difference between 'ensuring' (i.e. ordering at the last minute) that kit is sent to theatre, and making sure everyone has it before starting the war.
  8. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    Listened to Hoon yesterday on the news, he kept refering to the lack of enhanced body armour as if normal body armour was scattered all over the place. Its like listening to a lawyer or accountant justifying his job - it's a pity he doesn't have the courage to say "The organisation f*cked up, I'm at the top, here's my resignation"
  9. Everyone knows he's only still in the job so he can be scape goated for everything (from kit shortages to Dr Kelly) after the Hutton report comes out...
  10. Hoon IS a lawyer, as is Tony B Liar and most of the cabinet
  11. What a farce the whole Gulf kit issue turned into, in what way is enhanced Body different from normal Body armour anyway ?

    Perhaps the Worldwide search for CBA should have been extended a little to include INSIDE the QM's Dept. At my UK based unit for example I know of an entire store of CBA which all have plates. If you happen to go to the singlies Blocks in Paderborn too then I know for a fact that they have Buckshee Set's !!

    Shortage ? - how can we be that short when there are so many sets flying about and Army Surplus stores are selling them off !!!!

    Stop blaming Geoff Hoon - I'm no fan of the bloke but he wasn't in charge of issuing CBA at unit level - Perhaps someone at Unit level - possibly rear based (QM sitting on his fat arse) wasn't doing his Job properly.


    Pull the pin like so and then count to .... um
  12. Well, on the 28th August 1914, the night on which the precautionary period went into force, all the civil servants in the War Office stayed up all night. Reason - the mob orders were printed pro-formas with a gap for the country we were mobilising against (the "war book" had alternative sections for each case) and somebody had to stamp the whole lot GERMANY before the telegrams went out.
  13. listened to hoon interviewed on radio ulster it looks like its the tiger teams are going to take the fall.

    Apissedofve body armour is the item that has hit the headlines the deficiencies were huge from waepons down the government lied throgh its teeth that we had only minor supply problems. The policy of just in time supply has failed dramatically and the war reserve is not at the levels its should be. What the government/civil service want to do is cut the reserve stocks even more. Sgt Roberts had body armour and had to give it up because others didn't he wasn't the only one there were many more. Body armour is now effectivly an item of safety equipment.
  14. 749

    749 Old-Salt

    if it is safety equipment then they have a duty of care under the H&S laws?
    do you think HSE should be told?