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Sgt Roberts Inquiry.who yanked my thread?

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Since when has Coax been a 'Personal Weapon' ? My point was, perhaps too subtle; the MoD has said that as a result of Sgt Roberts PW malfunction he brought about his own death, ergo the fault lay at his door.
Must have been a MoD.................. so the courage of your convictions or the strength of your reasoning ought to be at the very least explained to me. Merging is not an opt out for curtesy.


Bit impatient aren't we?

I don't recall a disclaimer saying "If you post a grievance a MOD will reply within 10 minutes" on the door.

Calm yourself, i'm sure someone will be along soon to administer some "there there's".

Try having a little courtesy :)

(also if you bothered to look, PTP isn't even logged in, so will not see this thread until he does!!!)
Thankyou fugly for your enlightening reply...........despite my years of membership I had indeed overlooked that particular point. That said with my many years of membership I have indeed had threads yanked before, all done with a polite explanation by PM. Now; I'm not ego centric but I do believe that I as others should be given an explanation as to why 5 minutes of their time has been binned or moved; most especially so when the matter is in the general interest of the usesrs of this board, Excluding those not actually deploying now or in the future etc.
You and me both, mate.

I had to ask for an explanation, had a brief reply about two people complaining, and did not get an answer when I pointed out that the info was not only in the public domain, but actually somewhere on ARRSE.
Thank you Anya for your advice.....I'll bear it in mind! Incidentally I was a member of this site before the change over in 2003, so I do have an inkling. The whole point is a question was asked that someone deemed necessary to merge into a similar but not as pointed a thread.
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