Sgt Ralph Sunley 10 Para RIP

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by jack-daniels, Dec 30, 2008.

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  1. Not usually one to add RIPs but this one seems apt and fitting

    Go easy mate, Yours and your colleagues acts and deeds became legend and shan't be forgotten
  2. After reading the article about the children tending the graves, wouldnt it seem appropriate for a school to sponsor a war memorial and get them to look after them in this country.
  3. RIP Ralph
  4. At the service each year part of the most moving thing I've seen is the children reading out the names and ranks of the fallen.

    Somehow I think it would seem cheesy over here, over there, there is a genuine gratitude.
  5. RIP! Not many left now...

    ex-10 Para 1984-1992
  6. Sad news, met him and others at the Arnhem Veterans meeting then, their ranks are getting thinner, but their memories will never fade.
  7. RIP Airborne.
  8. Would he be the Mr Sunley who worked as the security man (smart suit, peaked cap) at DHSS South Western House Aldershot in the mid 1970s? If so, had many a natter with him. Sad news.
  9. It's Ralphs funeral this afternoon so if you're in a bar later raise a glass for a veteran of El Alamein and Arnhem.
  10. What an amazing life.

    My grandad fought at El Alamein as well, I will certainly be raising a glass later.

  11. Greatest respect for his generation of Para Reg soldiers that forged a template for future Airborne warriors, though Malaya, Radfan, NI, the Falkands and in recent ops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and many more theatre of operations. RIP.