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Looks like a suitable battle for an article... I maybe stealing that in the not to distant future.
It's a moving date in 15/19H history. The Osprey history of the Light Dragoons (which I reviewed, and told the Regimental Association it was full of errors just from my few years out of 300, and to think seriously before issuing one to every future LD before it was corrected) claimed that that one day affected 15/19H thinking right through the Cold War after the regiment lost half its casualties for the entire war that day.

Mallinson describes it as the worst day in the history of the LD and all antecedent regiments.

The official regimental history 1939-45 devotes a handful of pages to Assche, whilst covering most of 41-3 in about the same.
I went onto WW2Talk and came across a post from a chap who actually mention Sgt Quin and was there when he died, after putting a reply and a request if I could PM him I was informed the poor guy had passed away.
However from various bits and pieces I was able to glean where he[Quin] was and what he and others were doing when the were KIA, also details about a book which is one of the history of the Duke of Boots publications. The British Lending Library has a copy and as soon as they reopen I will be across to Thorpe Arch for a read and get copies of relevant sections.


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i'm just researching a chap from the rifle brigade , he was in " lorried infantry" it states firmly that he couldnt drive (his records that is ) his son confirms that when dad was given a cabby of a three tonner he managed to crash it into the gates at the rear of Winchester barracks. He was also captured in the Tunisian campaign.

But like them all........ he never spoke about it !


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Some infantry battalions were converted to tanks. Guards Armd Div is best known example, but other units were similarly employed.
Can't recall any straight off, but I know one of the Churchill Crocodile regiments in Normandy was one. Edit: 141 Regiment RAC was formed from a Battalion of Buffs using Crocodile
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Some others (Not Crocs)

34th Army Tank Brigade
Created: 1 Dec 1941

NW Europe Campaign: 3 July 1944 to 31 August 1945.

155 – Brigade HQ
156 – 107th Royal Armoured Corps
157 – 147th Royal Armoured Corps
158 – 153rd Royal Armoured Corps
5th Battalion Kings Own Royal Regt
10th Battalion Royal Hampshire Regt
8th Battalion Essex Regt (Replaced on 4 September 44 by the 9th RTR)

Looking for the war diaries for the RE armoured chaps particularly 26 sqn. Its been a bit of a plod .


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Last item. If a pow number and know which CC and lagers a pow was in, does the pow number lead to any other files or information at all ?
Brief update if anyone is interested, unearthed lots of bits and pieces about Sgt Quin and paid a visit to the British Library place at Thorpe Arch having asked to see a couple of history books. Visited a website called Rootschat where there is mention of said Quin, it's a very old thread and fingers crossed I might get an answer to my request. One thing I have been unable to find without paying to see copies of his detailed military history is his date of enlistment, with that I will be able to put together a whole host of stuff and set it all out. Thanks for any hints and tips on here, as you will know one small bit of info opens up all sort of avenues.
Bit more on Sgt Quin, the snip is from a photo of him and some of his mates taken during WW2, can anyone take a stab at the medal ribbons.
Only thing I am stumped with now before I can put all the bits and pieces together is his date of enlistment. Sure I can apply to the records office in Glasgow but as they say it can take months and will cost me plus it's a little more complicated as I will be applying on behalf of "distant" relatives.

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