Sgt P**L A**** SIGS SGT - No OPSEC He is on the Army web pag

How come Sgt P A is such a good advert for the "normal"Sigs Sys Tech or Sigs in general or even the Army.

He has a photo on the British Army site, He is not wearing any clothing that is issue to normal Sigs. Funny "smock" funnier "boots" and a wierd "gameboy"type toy or is it a pegelmesser or a digital avo?
Big non-normal issue bergan and Oh thats normal for the Sigs, His weapon is "resting" upright ready to fall over.
Poor lamb, looks like he has also broken his pelvis and is in need of a medic.

Mind the technical wizard must be good knowing about HDB3 and interfacing to US SAT all that.

Nearly as good as that non sexist advert back in the 90ies.

Just doing the dishes, cooking, cleaning one with all the female soldiers doing stuff in the field. Oh again it was a advert. Snow? No it was salt. The dish . She was out in Namibia for about 42 days .Wonder why for 42 days???

Sorry Anty stella moment or in fact Uncle Becks.
hmm well Stella and becks probably have something to do with that post.

that piccy and resume has been there for eons.

No its not a gameboy but a fluke 25, pretty normal photo of a tech, a little staged perhaps. As for the smock well lots of sad people wear them especially around barracks.

Look at me look at me I have a SAS smock, err no I never did the course but yes look at me, aint it cool!!

But he is a tech so continue to take the piss, :lol:
This could almost turn into a 'where are they now' thread...

Still serving?



I was in the same Tp as the AS Op profile.....He is still serving and now a Sgt.....good bloke.

What I find amusing is that if you look closley at the recruiting posters for 264, they have a CWS sight on their rifles, but forgot remove the foresight part of the iron sight!!! Or is this an SF thing?
it isnt an SF thing, i know the guy in the poster you are talking about and have worked with him for the last few years and we regularly have a giggle about it too :D
having just seen the picture and write up for the first time, i need to clarify a few points.

To the left of shot is the large hardened shelter with showers, porcelain, widescreen telly, massuese, microwaveand kingsize beds. As where you find a tech covered in mud you will automatically find the luxury mobile home that is known as the ERV.

now where is that pioneer i need my shelter building. :lol:


Sgt P A was at 7 sigs when i was a lad
in fact he was my replacement in mike troop when i went to a sqn
good lad
last saw him at RSS when doing his T1
think he is still serving
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