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Discussion in 'REME' started by jamied050, Apr 14, 2011.

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  1. hi my name is jamie dowling, i am after as much info as i can about my dad mick dowling (dodge), killed in action gulf war 26 feb 1991. any info however small/funny would be great. my email is

  2. Hi Jamie

    I served with your Dad at 7 Armoured Workshop in Fallinbostel in the early 80's; we were both ARRV commanders in the FRG. There were three ARRV's in the section - your dad, Mark Jones, and me (Graeme Wear), and we were the original Challenger tank FRT when the new tanks were issued to the Royal Hussars.

    The main connection to your dad was that we called ourselves 'Snake Troop' and our ARRV's had nicknames - mine was 'Hissing Sid', Mark's was 'Slithering Sam', and your dad's was 'Old Snakehips'...the names were based on the fact that your dad had a really funny gait when running on BFT's in that he seemed to swivel at the hips with no upper body movement - hence the 'snakehips'.

    He was a lot bigger than most of us in the FRG but he was always the fastest in completing BFT's!

    I was really sorry to hear about your dad's death; I left the Army in '87 and although I'd heard about it, I never found out any detail until yesterday strangely enough when I was working at one of SSAFA's Norton House's and the Manager there served with your dad during GW1 and told me what happened.

    Anyway I hope this is useful.


    Graeme (Geordie) Wear
  3. Hi Jamie

    Have sent a message to your hotmail address.

  4. Hi jamie really sad to hear about your dad, my sincere condolences to you and your family.

    I knew your father very well, we both served in 5 regiment ra in Hildesheim, he was attached to P battery working on the M107 guns, i was in hq working on the b vehicles, aiways remember his greeting of good morning betty's (b mechanics'). Will always remember his last day there when he drank 8 pints (named the golden gallon at the time, he was given a trophy for this achievement) during lunch time, 1 hour at the NAAFI, followed by a p'up in the workshop bar after work. He was unwell that night!! We had huge joy in him being posted to 7 armd in fallingbostel, not one of the best postings at the time. He was also the first person I met when I turned up at fally a few months later with the biggest grin on his face!
    As I recall mick served with frg 22 in 7 armd I was in frg 7. I spent many great times with mick, after work on Fridays especially drinking copious amount of beer collected by 'fines' during the week. I especially remember for some reason we started to punch each other and one night mick tapped me on the shoulder and as i turned around he punched me on the nose and broke it, 30 minutes later I did the same to him, your mum was not pleased and we had to stop after that! Don't ask why we did it, he was a great mate and always having a laugh. I have a picture of mick in my attic I will dig it out and send a copy of it to you.

    Kindest regards to you and you and your family.

  5. Kim, you and I must have been at FRG 7 Armd at the same time, as Mick and I were both ARRV crew commanders (along with Mark Jones)

    Graeme (Geordie at the time) Wear
  6. Hi Graham yes we must I do remember painting the snakes on the arrv's, it was around the time of blackadder 2, trying to remember some names from the time, my memory has never been that good though. Mick always sticks in my mind, as we were in the same unit twice. I have some photos of the time but cannot remember most of the names, I will scan them in and share them.
  7. We have a shared family name - would like to know whether there is something closer i.e. a family link?
  8. My ARRV was 'Hissing Sid (00GC02), Mick Dowlings was 'Old Snakehips' and Mark Jones' was 'Slithering Sam'; I can't for the life of me remember my drivers name (I do remember he was Irish though), and my other crewman was Charlie Williams