Sgt Mick Brennan, Royal Signals

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Goatman, May 13, 2007.

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  1. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    BBC 2 Sunday 1130 - Inside Sport (NOW!)

    Sgt Mick Brennan bids to become paralympic rower.

    Friends and colleagues may wish to watch ?

    Le Chevre
  2. Just turned it on but that t*at Andrew Murray is on there now!

    I recognise him (Mick) but I can't remember where from..

    Good luck to him anyway..must take a lot of guts to get on with your life with such a positive attitude after suffering a terrible wound like that . A credit to the Corps and the Army...
  3. Just watched his bit. I don't think I did know him actually having seen it, but I stand by everything else I wrote...hope he makes it.

    Good luck Mick
  4. Good luck Sgt Brennan, I think Sir Matthew will be buying you a few pints!
  5. Thanks for the link - it's worth watching.

    I've known Mick Brennan on and off for a few years, and I've seen him a few times since he lost his legs. His determination to overcome his injury is a real inspiration to people around him, especially those who have lost limbs more recently. I think he deserves serious respect for keeping so focussed when lesser men would take the easier path, and I'll be cheering him on in the coming months.

    I reckon Mathew may well find himself buying that beer.

    Good luck, Mick!

  6. I've served with Mick a couple of times. A quality bloke with a huge chunk of determination thrown in. If anyone can drive themselves to achieve the Olympic squad, against adversity, its Mick Brennan.

    Well done mate.

  7. went through basic and my first unit with Mick, fit as a fiddle then and im sure he is now. Good luck Mick.

  8. Well done to Sgt Brennan hope that he gets that pint off Matthew Pinsent
  9. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

  10. Mick is a top bloke; very determined and always has been.

    I watched that BBC Sport news story online and found myself smiling like an idiot all the way through. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if Mick gets into the team for Beijing but if he doesn't, he'll be in the London Olympics.
  11. Go boy.

    The hardest of all of us; just seen both videos - best thing i've seen on Arrse ever.

    Get the beers in!

  12. Nice one Mick, Live the dream!!!!
  13. Mick was one of my recruits in Basic training and I've got to say i was gutted when I found out what happend in Iraq.

    Mick is an out and out fighter, thoroughly determined and an fantastic guy to have working for you. Chuffed to bits the Army has seen fit to employ Mick until Mick has had enough.

    There's no holding him back now, I reckon we'll be seeing more of Mick in the future......
  14. He is an inspiration to us all. I just know that I would not have dealt with his situation is a manner that he has. Go for it, with the drive and determination that he obviously has, the is no boundary for him.