Sgt Majors

Its alright Ill clean up the sticky mess ;D ;D

You run along back to the officers mess.........You'll be back, once you've had a proper fella you won't look at a man with pips in the same light again ;D
Forces_Sweetheart said:
That one is Red Cap is just gorgeous.

But why don't they have moustaches any more?  
There are plenty with moustaches.......they are the gay ones from the SPS. Besides which, they couldn't compete with your 'tache.
Ah, the great benefit of being a male: We can choose whether to have a 'tache.
Whilst in training I'm not so sure some of the WRAC from my day didn't have a better tache' than me. In fact i think they shaved more often :D
I think the standard of SSMs has gone downhill recently!!

Definately not enough shouting heard....or cliches....

"My wife doesn't love me.....we can stay out here all night"

"Stop brakedancing you fcuking thing!!" (on parade at -15 degrees C)

"There's only one time in the British Army....1....2.3..1"

Ho Ho Ho


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