sgt major interview?

hey guys, just wondering if anybody can give me any help or advice about the sgt major interview cause i got it on fri. any help would be appreciated! thanks!
Just make sure you know what is going to happen at ADSC and also what the basic and trade training for each of your job choices are! That and make sure you are smartly dressed and confident and you should be fine
ok well my recruiter told me to go down wednesday and hes giving me job choices to learn so i should be ok. thanks for the help though! :)
oh ye and if i pass the interview will i get my date for adsc after that?
yeah, some places send you to a local college to do a physical test with the local prep course to make sure you are up to it but not all and it's not compulsory!!
i did one of the prep courses last feb in my local collage lol it was well good!:) thnx or the help!
When you get in to the office, ask him to make you a brew, whilst putting your feet up on his desk (crossed of course), lean back and rest your hands on your head whilst you wait for your wet.

Sgt Majs love a confident man.

Don´t be afraid to ask him how long it took to reach such a rank, before informing him of your own scientifically projected time line for reaching the same rank.

Trust me,you´ll be in and sorted in no time.
haha i hope so mate! :) thanks ill try my best :) thanks !
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