Sgt Maj Bernard Adamson

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mattb, Oct 20, 2011.

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  1. This is typical of the MOD - and by that I mean Civil Servants. These people have no loyalty to HMF.

    They see their role as protectors of the public purse - with the exemption of MOD Civil Servants' wasteful practices of course.

    The MOD has plenty of money to spend on Diversity Seminars, diversity statisticians, Black History Exhibitions, trips abroad for PUS and 2nd PUS - the list goes on and on.
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  2. I don't really see the issue. It was a tragic event that happened 40 years ago while her husband was a paid employee of the Armed Forces.

    Although I'd have supported compensation to help ease the suffering she no doubt went through at the time, I don't see what entitlement she has to it now. Defence budgets are stretched and that money could be much better spent on keeping our serving soldiers alive.
  3. Because there's a really big difference between a fatal exercise balls up/ND and brassing up civilians?

    The error was dealt with through the admin action of the time. The other one was whitewashed.

    The first was a tragedy, caused by someone apparently choosing to run a mixed live/blank firing exercise. Avoidable stupidity, and just asking for trouble. The second was probably criminal, but much more embarrassing to the authorities.

    It's probably sad that no compensation was paid at the time for what was effectively a death on active service, but even a fat old slacker like me has come close to death/serious injury in training, and there but for the grace of God go I. It's part of the job. Times and attitudes change, and how far back do you want to go? Thousands of servicemen have been killed and injured in training over the years. Most just got a pension and a push, or a quick funeral. Would you compensate ALL of them?

    Bloody Sunday was an entirely different issue, with the Army using deadly force against civilians. That's criminal, and that's why compensation was due, in response to the crime. It's the same reason that over a £1million was paid out to Baha Musa's family. He died at the Army's hands, and he shouldn't have done. Simple as that.
  4. Gentlemen,

    Some relevant facts surrounding my fathers case.

    The jury's findings recorded by the Coroner John Leckey were:

    *the cause of the incident was accidental discharge of a live round by Signalman McLuckie;

    *the exercise itself was carried out in breach of army regulations reference pamphlet 21 which states that live and blank ammunition should not have been mixed on the exercise;

    *a blank firing attachment was not available or fitted;

    Lieutenant Colonel Starling, who was in charge of the exercise, was dismissive of concerns raised by Sergeant Major Adamson regarding the possession of both live and blank ammunition.

    The jury also said other facts which were relevant to the circumstances surrounding Mr Adamson's death included:

    *every witness interviewed had never recalled an exercise taking place before or after the incident where both live and blank ammunition was issued;

    The decision to disregard the regulation contributed to the death of Mr Adamson;

    *There was no adequate medical coverage; and

    *Signalman McLuckie was placed in an unexpected situation with insufficient time to prepare for the exercise and this contributed to the mistake of loading the live magazine.

    The solicitor for the Adamson family, Desmond Doherty, said the family were satisfied with the verdict.

    "The family are satisfied with the outcome of the inquest, they believe that the shot fired by Mr McLuckie was an accident, but what they also believe is that the cover-up afterwards was no accident and it was also no accident that the matter wasn't investigated properly."

    Ultimately my father paid with his life for someone else's negligence.
  5. See, there you go ruining the man's chance to get a whole thread of rabid frothy mouthed fuckwits to support his cause. Damn your eyes.
  6. Have they moved all the uniformed personnel out of Main Building these days?
  7. Genuinely sorry for the loss of your father, but it happened 40 years ago and the circumstances were wildly different from Bloody Sunday. I don't believe you have a case for compo, and I don't know why you'd pursue it if you did. I doubt your father would want to be remembered in this way.
  8. Very sad case. I think you have a case for compo - at least under todays rules - but back under the old crown immunity rules then, no you have not. I believe another case that failed was a marine paralysed when his instructor deliberately cut his abseil rope. Rotten rules and good that they have changed - but you have little chance of getting the changes made retrospective as that would open up a whole package of other cases ..... and the number of accidents during WW2 and all the colonial wars, if paid compo at current rates, would likely bankrupt the country.

    ...and lets also remember that many soldiers argued against the removal of Crown Immunity.