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It is with great sadness that we have to say goodbye to another fine toolbox warrior and ARRSEr. Sgt John Burke passed away this week and I for one, will miss him terribly - he was a man of humour and professionalism coupled with a love for his family which was humbling.
He stood by me in fights, laughed when I was in the shit but he always had time for a pint - Smile in heaven mate, RIP.
I knew John at 2Bn when he was in Forward A pltn 2002-2005 and I did a few IST's for him in Celle when he was with 1 RRF. He was the most friendly jock bloke I ever knew, with his bald head and cheeky grin. I can still picture him collecting for charity at Fally NAAFI or when I accidently interupted him on a shovel recce while I was stagging-on in Shaibah Op Telic 1. Good happy memories of a good typical crusty Artisan.

All the best John, you may be gone, but you are not forgotten!

Nice bloke, one of life's gentlemen, rare these days and what a shock! You talk to a guy three times in one week over work, niff naff and trivia and the next week he's gone.

My condolences and best wishes to his family!


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Was this the same John who was at 4 RTR LAD?
RIP John, served with him at Hohne.

Fondest recent memory is of seeing him looking resplendent in Dundee Utd top in the Forces part of SoccerAM. He shouted it from the Facebook rooftop in case we had missed it :)

A top bloke.


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Until TNA comes out with a good game to give WWE some competition, they will continue to be just like Madden.

What the hell are you on about?


I was at 4RTR and the Lancers with JB. Great guy, typical Crafty let loose in the traz on his first posting - worked hard played hard! A good VM too. RIP John.
Sorry to hear about JB, served with him in the traz 4rtr and qrl.


I attended John's funeral on Tue. As you would expect for someone who was as highly thought of and respected, a very good attendance. Some great readings at the service for a fine man. I have some great memories of the man that will remain forever.


As part of the REME group on Facebook I keep a list of REME friends of the people who use the group. It's not intended to be a comprehensive listing of all REME people who have died but people known to group users. I've been asked to add Sgt John Burke to the list.
You'll find the list here:
If possible would someone post the date of Sgt B's death please?
His age, service number and place of death would be a bonus but isn't essential.


Arte et Marte.

Many thanks....

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