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Sgt Gavin Harvey


A TIDWORTH soldier has vowed to continue to serve his country despite having both legs amputated after suffering horrific injuries in a bomb blast in Afghanistan.

Sgt Gavin Harvey, 28, who serves with 6 CS Bn REME (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers), was in the lead vehicle of a convoy, as part of Operation Panther’s Claw, when it hit an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) on August 4.
Report says he was the most severely injured to return and survive, He certainly shows great strength of character.

I have been following his progress since the attack, as Kerry is a friend of my wife.
How do we go about getting Gavin, Kerry and the kids a Holiday to Spain when he is ready?
Try ir mate, the poor sod needs as much support and help as he can get.Full respect to him for the job he has done, and deepest sympathy for the price he has paid.I hope you manage to sort out some joy for him.
Read this story in the Salisbury Journal when it was published yesterday. Good luck to Gavin & his family in the coming months, they're going to need it; when the time comes, I hope his Corps will be able to retain his services in some way - courage like this bloke is showing at the moment would do a lot to motivate new recruits.

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