Sgt Dowling MM, 1992

Discussion in 'REME' started by insttech, May 26, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know where I can find the citation or full story of Sgt Dowlings winning of the MM in GW1, 1992? Have tried Googling it but just get the famous painting.
  2. There's the story by the painting in the Museum at Arborfield
  3. Sorry being ignorant because I cant remember if its the same one, but believe it may be. I was reading one in Sgts mess bar last year which might be his. Is this the couple of BV's that got attacked by the Iraqi tank.

    If so its in pride of place in the bar with a painting of the attack.
    Well don that man
  4. Found this one not BV's though.
  5. Yes thats the picture thats hanging in the Sgts mess at Arborfield with citation next to it. Sorry about vehicle recognition. What is it?
  6. Looks like MLRS, but my recogition might be a bit out as well.

    Cant post picture sorry.
  7. M548! :wink:
  8. Mick was attached to C Sqn 16/5L, I think he came to us from one of the guards regts. ISTR the vehicles were M548s. They were being chased by a T59 when one of the vehicles broke down and the crew boarded the other vehicle. Mick was killed while engaging the T59 with his SA80. The other man lost was LCPL Frank Evans (also REME). The regt commissioned a plaque in memory of these two brave men, it's in the REME Corps Church at Aborfield.

    Sgt M J Dowling MM REME
    LCpl F C Evans REME
    Killed in action 26th February 1991
  10. I think there may be a copy of it in the 'Craftsman of the Army' Volume 2 which covered Op GRANBY!
  11. Canada-Bob has got it right. See pg 514.
  12. hi, mick dowling is my dad, i am also trying to find out what really happened any info would be greatly recieved, my email is
    jamie dowling
  13. Citation reads:
    "Sergeant Dowling was employed as the REME Fitter Sergeant attached to C Squadron, 16th/5th The Queen's Royal Lancers for their deployment on Operation GRANBY.

    On the morning of 26 February 1991, Sergeant Dowling was commanding one of the two M548 logistic load-carrying vehicles grouped with C Squadron. The Squadron was deployed in a screen to prevent reinforcement of the Regimental objective (Objective LEAD) from the north.

    At approximately 1100 hours, while the Squadron was in close contact with the enemy, the two M548s came under enemy tank fire.. While trying to evade the enemy fire the rear M548 broke down. Sergeant Dowling moved quickly to take the crew off the broken-down vehicle. Shortly after this his M548 was engaged by enemy tank fire again. While ordering his driver to make best speed to avoid the enemy fire, and with total disregard for his own safety; , Sergeant Dowling leaned out of the cab of the M548 and engaged the tank with his personal weapon in order to try to kill the enemy commander who was engaging with his 12.7 mm machine gun. Next to him, Lance Corporal Evans, one of the rescued crewmen, was mortally wounded. Sergeant Dowling continued to engage the enemy tank until he, too, was killed by enemy fire. This was a selfless act of outstanding bravery."

    'The Daily Telegraph' reported that HM The Queen had a private meeting in the State Dining Room at Buckingham Palace where she presented the Military Medal to Mrs Teresa Dowling, her son Jamie and her mother-in-law Mrs Kathleen Dowling.

    You might wish to conatct the REME Museum Directoe on 01189763375 or visit

    Good luck
  14. Cheers Colnel, exactly what I was looking for.