Sgt Danny Nightingale, betrayed and banged up

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Robbo_72, Nov 11, 2012.

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  1. Coercing a guilty plea in such a manner seems a little off. He must have had some shit representation.
  2. Speaking from afar (read that as outa my arrse), what happened to Mitigating Circumstances? And, I'm with you PF - shit representation.
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  3. Looks like a point is being made. Not for the first time either.
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  4. Does sound as though the court was seeking to make an example
  5. Aaaah, the ol' 'Precedent' being set.
  6. Tell you what though, those criminal gangs are really going to think twice about owning guns now.
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  7. Money on that he will be out in less that 4 weeks. If you believe everything in the article, he should never have been charged, and he certainly should never have been imprisoned. Hopefully a decent outcome will come through for the bloke.
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  8. Doesnt clarify if he had ammunition for it as well, which could have made a difference to the outcome.
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  9. Why? Have we started Court Martialing gangs now.
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  10. Maybe the aim was to make an example of those bringing 'Trophies' home from tours etc
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  11. Maybe you are right.
  12. The judge advocate is a ****, and should of listened to the prof about the memory loss, given him a rap on his knuckles and sent him on his way, or at the most suspended the sentence.
    Someone somewhere wanted this result or did the judge just want to flex his muscles?
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  13. No, it was my sarcastic way of pointing out it is a bullshit outcome that serves no purpose.
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  14. True. Even if it is a crime, technically, there is really no victim, and handing down a sentence like that does more harm than good. Sounds like the guy was hung out to dry when he deserved the benefit of the doubt. What a shit hole this country this is turning out to be.

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