Sgt Braille for a Curry Night at the Kohinoor in Bielefeld

Since the last Curry Night was jumbled by fantastic German winter weather,
how about planning the next one now.
At least we should be safe from snow and ice.

Anyone up for another brilliant meal at the Kohinoor in Bielefeld ?

Suggested dates: 18th of September or 2nd of October.

Sgt Braille has already promised to take part as well.

If you are interested, either give a shout in here or PM me.
And let me know which of the dates suits you best.
Directions to follow short before the feast.

In case you've never been there before, this is the place:



August is not so good tbh YIM, being as its holiday time, what about late Sept? last weekend? me and bossy boots could come, if others could manage, it could be a laugh.
Alright, let's start a first list then for the

2nd of October at the Kohinoor in Bielefeld

Likely to be coming around for a decent Vindaloo:

bossy boots
Sgt Braille

Anyone else up for a great curry night ?
Just add your name to the list or PM me if you prefer. :)
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