Sgnt Chacksfield

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by tuffy52, Aug 3, 2010.

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  1. Yet another chav scum killer gets away with murder.Yesterday Raoul Moat clone Micheal Ridley recieved just 5yrs in jail for killing Sgnt Chris Chacksfield and knocking his wife unconcous for no other reason than he had been bumped into accidently.Both Sgnt Chacksfield and his wife Adele had served in Afghan and were enjoying an evening out in Newcastle when they were attacked by this coward.Ridleys lifestyle was identical to Raoul Moats (steriods,bodybuilding ect).It affected the whole squad who were in Newcastle for a spot of R&R whilst training at nearby Otterburn..It is high time that the justice system served the public and not the criminal.

    Widow's anger at sentence for boxer thug Michael Ridley who killed hero solider -
  2. Agreed. If you kill anyone, the sentence should automatically be set at term-life. With reductions only in special circumstances such as provocation, and only then if over-reaction to said provocation was not wholly disproportionate.

  3. Let's ban bodybuilding shall we? See if that makes the problem go away...

    Do **** off you Mirror reading dribbler.
  4. just for clarity it was SSgt Chacksfield.

  5. Anyone who thinks that being muscular gives them the right to intimidate and kill without impunity needs an attitude adjustment! Life without parole on bread, water and hard labour might just do it. Although I suspect said fellow might complain if he had to get his hands dirty!
  6. The problem with the Prison Regime is that scrotes like this will continue to enjoy maximum time in the gym and will "return to society" even more rippled and ready to take on the world.
    Bread and water and solitary confinement is too good for this pr*ck.