SGM Basil Plumley dead

The CSM from We Were Soldiers Once.

From Lt Col Hal Moore, his CO in Vietnam:

Hal Moore, the Army, and America mourn the loss of SGM Basil Plumley today. He now rejoins his wife Duerice in heaven to enjoy eternal peace. Basil Plumley is an American hero; a combat infantryman in three wars, a man of tremendous character and honor, and an iconic role model for generations of Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines that have followed his path. Above all, Hal Moore and Basil Plumley were loyal comrades and lifelong friends. Basil Plumley will be missed on this earth but he has left a legacy that lives on in the values and fighting spirit of America’s servicemen and women. God Bless you Sergeant Major. We know you have St. Peter doing pushups! Drive On!
There was a thread on this through the night but it seems to have disappeared.

So what, are you a ******* obituary writer now!

I understand that the film was a bit far off the mark for the truth on the overall mission, but did portray him as a great CSM.

RIP is due methinks.

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