SGC with DCMH involvement ?

Long shot I know but has anyone had SGC granted after having been “on the books” with DCMH - self referred , no medication prescribed, approx 6 or 8 meetings and discharged.. however this will also refer to binge drinking back then as well, so I will be ticking the box with alcohol abuse as I am trying to be as transparent as possible. The period in question was 7+ years ago.

Is it wise to book an appointment with my MO, ask if they would be prepared to support my application and see if they will write a covering letter explaining why they support such a grant ? I know the decision for suitability rests with the FEO not the MO but there will be communication inevitably as a result of me flagging up any prescribed conditions..

Any information would be great .
A doctor's note saying you're not at risk would go a long way.

For reference, a conviction is considered discharged after 7 years, so an issue like that longer ago than 7 years should by analogy also be considered in the same light.

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