SGC Renewal timescale?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Beerhunter, Apr 23, 2012.

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  1. How long is is taking for members' SGCs (or FACs for that matter) to be renewed?

    I just called my local plod for an update on my SGC renewal and they estimate three to four months! (Longer for an FAC.)
  2. Which county?
    My part of Kent is about 3 weeks - based on a mates recent SGC/FAC renewal
  3. That sounds like a rediculous amount of time! I guess it depends on where you are!
  4. Where are you? Most send out reminders two to three months prior to expiry which gives you time to fill it all out, get the photos, countersignatory(ies) etc and send in a photocopy of your current licence(s) which allows you to still acquire ammo etc. Four to six weeks is the norm for a visit. Three to four weeks for a 'none visit' renewal. Also depends on whether you manage to complete the form correctly
  5. My Coterminous went in at the end of August, expired mid October and finally arrived in early Feb after many chasing phone calls. Sad to see how very poor a once decent department has been allowed to get.
  6. I'm in Hampshire. My SGC application has been in for three months, shy of one week, and I haven't had an FEO visit yet. On the phone, I got the impression that they won't even be starting on my application until next week.

    MY FAC is due run out in August so I have started the ball rolling on its renewal. I hope to have the forms in to to plod next week.
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Its quoted at 12 weeks in Sussex but its usually twice that! Knowing who to call can help. Thankfully living with an RFD helps for safe storage!
  8. Supposedly 8 wks Devon and Cornwall for FAC, it was 'renewed' on the computer but the paper took another month to arrive.
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I cant see why it takes a month to print and post!
  10. When I spoke to them I got the impression that when it got up to the expiry date they just 'renewed' it with no checking and a click of the mouse, then put it into the queue for printing and posting. I had wanted to get shot of my .22 onto a temp. cert. and get another, instead they've given me authority to purchase another 2 .22s on top of the one I've already got.

    I might place a pair of Rugers on a swivel mount on top of my pickup and see how the bunnies like that.
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  11. I've just (March) renewed my SGC with Surrey plod. Forms went in and was contacted by the FEO one week later, to arrange home visit for the following week. New cert arrived two weeks after that, so, four weeks in total.

    Ring them back and tell them you're 'on the square' that ought to sort it for you.
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    If you are Hants be thankful that you arent Glos, boy they take the piss, cashing cheques and not even starting the paperwork for 6 months, fraud thats what it is! Ask them what their published performance targets are and how do you register a complaint about the service you have paid for. That normally sets the cat amongst the pigeons!
  13. August? Four months time? What did you do with the shot guns when the cert expired?

    I can only recommend people let BASC know of the problems they're eperiencing on renewal times. Firearms licensing depts have been cut and probably due for further cuts. The Hampshire DCC is the ACPO lead on firearms licensing at the moment so BASC would like the ammunition (pun intended) to go to meetings with him and ascertain why such delays are occuring.
  14. My FAC/ and SGC forms went in to be renewied as due to expire in dec and derbyshire plod took months to sort it out.
    i rang up the local firearms bod and voiced my worries about not being licenced after dec and what did i need to do with my collection of shooting irons ie hand them in for safe keeping .

    his reply was dont worry about it we know you have got them and that the paperwork will arrive some time in the future.
  15. The story goes that they're the ones that issue the cert, they're the ones that would initiate prosecution for illegal possession. It works if you're shooting in your own county and now England and Wales have NFLMS (with Scots viewing only); it's easier if it is renewed on the system. However, you can't buy ammo on an expired certificate.