SFUB is he amongst us again as 26Backdoor?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SUNRAY_MINOR, May 5, 2011.

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  1. SFUB (AKA Mike Tierney),
    This handsome cheeky chappy:

    Is he amongst us again as the User 26backdoor View Profile: 26backdoor - British Army Forum

    As Hector Chavez V points out here:

    I also asked a few days earlier.

    I believe that SFUB and 26Backdoor are one and the same.

    If I'm wrong I will stick £50 in the pot for Hols4Heroes and make humble apologies.
  2. I'll get the popco...hang on, no I won't. I'll be wondering why you you are so obsessed with this tedious walting bullshit.
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  3. Do I have to post pictures of his grotty trotters again?
  4. If it is him should we let him carry on giving advice out on this site?
  5. It's not an obsession, it's a passion!!

    Why the fcuk should walts get away with it? We all signed on the dotted line and swore that oath......then they come along and just make up a career from nowhere!!
  6. I did both. It seemed to work for me.
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  7. So, yesterday wasn't a one off, you're boring fuck knuckle all the time
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  8. Hush, she's turned her affections to me now. I think she can smell the fact that we've never been in the Army and have no affiliations to it at all.

    I can twos-up if you want though?
  9. Forget the popco...hang on no, dont, get a bucket of hot tar and stick your face in it x

    Tierney is an insect who bullies women, Im not arrsed about his tall tale telling, Ive got a few hours to kill in Soton next month, I'm having a mocha with a kind arrser and were going to go on the ferry and tease Mike and flick midget gems at him
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  10. Shudders at the very thought.
  11. Fuck me you're keen for a bit of sea time.
  12. You just have to love the irony on ARRSE, we're talking about Sfub and an ad comes on for St Dunstan's sponsored 100k walk. Bet they don't wear their foot down.
  13. Am I fuck :) Ever done a med tour? Taxied around for weeks courtesy of the Andrew, exercised to death with swarthy euro types and some decidedly dodgy runs ashore and fat Jennies who believe it or not dont put out half as easy as perce birds.
  14. fuck me. since when did kevin phillips turn into a homme pipe smoking walt.
  15. Well, I'm not so sure. To much of what he says about Rwanda actually rings true and - contrary to popular belief - the scars are real. As for bullying women, do you really want to leave yourself open to accusations of libbel?