SFSU Hosts A Terrorist

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Phil306, May 2, 2005.

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  1. Yes, it happens in the UK too. Damn my memory (I can't recall the name), but I'm pretty sure that a female speaker hosted by the LSE a couple of years back was a known supporter of a Palestinian terror group.
  2. I seem to remember that Bliar has hosted more than a few terrorists at Downing Street and Hillsborough; the same ones who have been welcomed at the Whitehouse, in most cases.
  3. Yep, even gave them an office! 8O
  4. Tried reading that article. I'm a well educated guy, but all I could get from it was little more than a tirade from some reactionary blogger. This is the big problem I have with blogs (left&right wing). There is the complete absence of any kind of objective reportage before they launch into their commentary.

    Without wishing to descend into a relativist debate (one man's terrorist etc.) it should be remembered that both the UK and US government have given considerable support to some pretty odious non-state actors also (including Osama bin Laden himself). Who is in the position to do the most damage, a lawyer or two of the world's great powers?
  5. Just shows what sort of company she keeps! 8O
  6. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    I read the article, and as stated it was reactionary stuff. I have no time for neo-cons, and a little time for those on the left, who often are big hearted, if not a little confused. The proof of this is the proposed support for insurgents in Iraq, which I hate to admit was a valid point for the writer, in that they don't seem to be against 'war' all the time.

    It may be lost on them, but these people are not insurgents. Insurgency campaigns are carried out against legitimate targets, Command and Sigs etc., not illegitimate soft targets, Shia in a mosque remembering the death of Hussein, everyday people in a street, or children in a school bus...I won't bother with an exhaustive list. These people are black hearts hiding behind a beautiful faith, and the big-hearted students should remember that if these people got their hands on them they'd probably loosen their heads at the neck.
  7. And a couple of Ministerial posts - in charge of our childrens' education and our health.
  8. Terrorism is a method, not a cause. If you commit acts of terrorism, then you are a terrorist and a criminal, regardless of how just your cause.

    If you fight according to the rules and usages of war, then you are a soldier/fighter/insurgent/etc entitled to the protection of the various conventions, regardless of how unjust your cause.

    There is no correlation between the two, relative or otherwise.

    Rant over. Over.
  10. Similarly, my SU hosted a meeting organised by the law society or somesuch who invited a Sinn Fein member to speak. (This was during the broadcast ban). All my rugby mates expected me to charge down and lamp him in a fit of uncontolable orange rage and were quite disappointed when I didnt. In prefered to let him condem himself out of his own mouth. I did sneak a little butchers into the room he was speaking in and he was a shite orator. :D
  11. Sorry mate, can't agree with you there. Example: The Taliban.

    1988 Heroic freedom fighters battling the Soviet attack.
    2002 extradicted as "illegal combatants" to Cuba, Pakistan Uzbekistan and fcuk knows where else and not subject to the various conventions after opposing American attack.

    Same people, same equipment, same methods. Double standard?
    Also, when you have a minute, try a Google search on the School of the Americas. You might want to also check out the activities the of British East India Company and the British South Africa Company, Amritsar, not to mention what some units under British command did during the the Boer War.
    But I'm sure that's ancient history. Even the boys in Hereford always play by the rules these days.
  12. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    The Taliban is an interesting one, but certainly a complicated one. We must draw distinct lines when we talk about the label, as it really covers quite a few groups. There are the mujahaddin from the Soviet war, the Pashtun mountain people, that were well known to the British during colonial times, or the 'students' (Talib) of the Wahabbi backed madrasa in Pakistan and further afield. To my mind the Emirate of Afganistan had an opportunity to try and build a fair and just example of Islam which they squandered, sure they didn't have the funds to build a fantastic infrastructure, but one doesn't need funds to be fair and just. Now the Afgani are stuck with puppets and a neo-imperialist construct, let them ('Taliban') explain that to God on the day of judgement.
  13. Nail on the head: double standard. The problem with the "freedom fighter, terrorist" thing is that it depends on "with us or agin us". My definition doesn't.
  14. True, true.