Discussion in 'Infantry' started by KyleH, Mar 3, 2010.

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  1. How long does one serve in 1 Para before they have to go back to their original unit?
    The US Army Rangers it's a two year enlistment and in Canada's CSOR it's three years.
  2. No ones answering as its a state secret punishible by being hung drawn and quartered and dragged through the streets of London (we like our tradition here)........however Werewolf will PM you an answer.
  3. That or the fact that 1 Para is their parent battalion.
  4. Not until he's mopped the spillage in aisle 3 first.
  5. He has to wait for Fally to come back before he can post
  6. Or he logs on as FrankCastle.
  7. Not everyone there......
  8. Not for everyone, I know a guy who passed through Ranger training (RIP back then) soon after joining the army and he is still there 6+ years later.
  9. Has he been promoted past E-4 yet?Because from what I've heard you can't stay in the Rangers as well as CSOR here in Canada and get promoted unless you return to your parent unit and serve a few years back with them.
  10. I've fired off an email to him to check.
    But as far as I remember he signed up to the army with a ranger contract, he did basic, airborne school then went on to the regiment....I don't think he had a parent unit to go to.