SFSG no longer required. 600 support posts to go

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by oggie, Feb 3, 2013.

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  1. Special Forces: 600 Support Posts To Go

    Just found this on Sky news.

    Around 600 posts could be cut from the support network for Britain's special forces after the military pull-out from Afghanistan.

    The posts will be closed and those affected will go back to their original jobs.
  2. Signallers

    Signallers Book Reviewer

    absolutism ridiculous!
  3. That is fishing. Sources this, sources that... Bollocks story.
  4. For sale. Balcony, well worn, surplus to requirements.
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  5. Been on the cards for a while. Hereford want their trainset back.
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  6. T_B_B could pull Marina Diamandis the next time he is out in Wales.

    True story.
  7. According to the numerous media leaks over the past week, so could Brittania Naval College, the Red Arrows, Battle of Britain Flight, and so on.
    This is just another round of lobbying, with people in the various firms saying to their mates in the media :
    "If we take a cut, Daisy, this particular public Sacred Cow, will, sadly, get the bullet. So wouldn't it be better for all concerned if Daisy is left alone in my field, and that bloke over there, yes, him, in the funny coloured uniform, if his Cow went to the abbatoir..."
    Or, in Blazing Saddles terms...
    nigga gets it - YouTube
  8. People complain that the defence budget needs funding to do X,Y,Z and yet every time people start considering pruning to get real value for money, we see the same tired 'reds to go' etc stories published. How are we supposed to try and balance the budget when the same old tired bandwagons get circulated every time. At some point all three services need to grow up and eat the sacred cows and realise the world won't change as a result.
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  9. Jim, whenever the 'restructuring/streamlining' phrase crops up then first initial reaction is cuts & cuts.

    I also despise that rebalancing term too..

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  10. It is true. Otherwise, SFSG would have been ringfenced in the latest round of redundancies.
  11. But this has been on the cards for a while and not very surprising that when forced to find savings DSF are going to see SFSG as a convenient sacrificial limb...
  12. It's pretty easy to see which entrenched interests have which tame journos, isn't it?
  13. Surely the HAC could be cut first.
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  14. Terrific news, by cutting 600 highly trained and effective Soldiers we should free up enough cash to buy at least another half a dozen horses for the Household Cavalry or perhaps a few new sets of parade skirts for the Fijian ceremonial Bn in Edinburgh. Our potential foes must be passing bricks at the very thought of it.
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