SFO investigates G4S for 'overcharging millions on government contracts'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mr._Average, Jul 11, 2013.

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  1. Nothing to worry about.Lessons will be learnt ......... err that's it.
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  2. Only millions---that would not even register here as we talk about fraud, waste and abuse in the federal government only in terms of tens, perhaps hundreds, of billions of dollars.

  3. From BBC;
  4. Cheers.
  5. And guess what , I larfed and larfed. Teach them to trust businesses.
  6. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    I liked the bit about charging for dead people.

    A while back, during what I sometimes laughingly describe as my second career, my then manager was yarning away* about a drop of consultancy he had done re computerising NHS records. The paper records for all of us lived in an hotel in Stockport. He said the indexing system for each individual's docket was envelope within box within racking within room. The number of personal records VASTLY exceeded the total population of the UK by many millions.

    The reason, I think, is this: If you die, someone has to register that. They are asked for the person's NI and NHS numbers but of course may not know these. So the NHS is probably paying GPs capitation for zillions of dead patients. And how many State pensions go on being paid automatically to bank accounts after the owner has died, if the heir is savvy (and bent) enough to get and keep access to the account?

    * A good bloke, GGson of the last man to be hanged in Pentonville Prison.

  7. NHS patient records were, on the whole, shite. that was why the infamous NHS National Programme for IT system was brought in in the first place. (Conservative estimates reckon it cost £11-12 billion before its life support system was turned off. I was at the launch event, and it was clearly doomed even then.) A contract so catastrophic, even the successful bidders paid up to run away from it....
    NHS Connecting for Health - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    On your second point, there is no 'overall' State identity system- You get a birth certificate, and a death certificate, and pick up stuff inbetween, but there's no structure to cancel everything once a death certificate is issued. This is precisely how the 'Day of the Jackal' passport fraud operates-Because you can obtain a death certificate you know that Baby Thingamabob has left the stage-You can then get his birth certificate, (Which has not been cancelled) and use that to apply for a passport. With that, you can 'build' an ID.

    Yet this has been a known security issue since Forsythe publicised it in 1971. Nothing has been done, I suspect, either because its too much like hard work, too expensive, or just because its too damn useful. -As the Met's Special Demonstration Squad have just been caught using just this procedure for their undercover operators!

    PS-Charging for dead people- Another favourite NHS practitioner fraud! There's a LOT of GP's/dentists etc who have made good money prescribing the cemetery...
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  8. Absolutely right. The NI and NHS numbers play no part in the birth and death registration. It would be far simpler in some ways if you NHS number became your NI number because any health related benefits you get are intimately related to the NHS. The Belgian system of identification is based on your NI number precisely because with so many people having the same name the Unique identifier is the NI number.
  9. I hope they pick on MOD Housing Solutions next!! Useless gits.
  10. The Italians give everybody a unique tax code (Codice Fiscale) - yes, I know - which is yours from birth to death. The Swiss do much the same thing with an AVS number.
  11. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    During the war we were all given National Identity number, based on the household, and noted on our ID card. So I became WXYZ-60-5 (5 because I was tail end Charlie) and still have the ID disc with it on which I wore on a string round my neck in cae Goering interfered with family life. When the NHS came in the same system was crudely adapted, Master Seaweed being promoted to -3 because the household had shrunk. I think I only acquired an NI no when I had to register with the Min of Labour just before I joined the Navy. Not sure how it works now but that is how the shambles started.
  12. Back in the dawn of time, it was decided that some benefits were NI linked, (especially your State Pension and unemployment) and some weren't.(Note that I've have been out of this game for a while, so things may have changed)
    Most people in the UK were children at some point in their lives, so the Child Benefit number graduates into your NI number.

    Your NHS number is, as I understand it, entirely different, but there are some medical benefits that are NI related. Hence the confusion-The NHS treats people both with and without NI numbers, and if you made NHS linkages into the HMRC system, you might find the tail wagging the dog, due to the sheer number of NHS numbers being inflicted on an already creaky system.

    Having a 'standard' number would simplify everything, but I don't see it happening due to the huge 'legacy' data issues involved.
  13. And that's missing out DWP. DWP should have become merged with the Revenue not HMCand E which only got hived in when the Revenue got back VAT. That's why the rest of us became HO. Bollox isn't it? Not being funny but I always felt that what was left of Customs should have gone to MOD, but that's a by the by. But not having cross referred birth, death and passports is clearly the key to the problem and whilst biometrics is a step forward, it would not have been essential if the systems had be indexed together.