SFAs around Edinburgh/ Rosyth.

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by sassy72, Mar 12, 2009.

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  1. Having spoken to the housing people about our impending move to Edinburgh they've told me that housing availability is limited, but the Qtr areas are around Rosyth or near Dreghorn and Redford Bks in Edinburgh. Does anyone on here have any pictures or information about these areas. Hubby will be working at 2 Div HQ in Craigiehall so either place is between 5-9 km away. Just not sure what to put down as I don't know the area at all. ANY info would be great. Contacted the Hive and they've sent some info, but nothing on housing. This is the worst bit about postings. not knowing what we'll end up with! Cheers, Sassy.
  2. Hi

    I've lived in and around Edinburgh for about ten years as military and civ so know these areas well. I'd go for Redford and Dreghorn, as that way you are actually in Edinburgh which is a great city to be in. refford and Dreghonrn are extremely close to eachother (a few hundred metres) and are v v close ot he ring road to get to Craigiehall. The surrounding area is a quiet nice neighbourhood of Edinburgh. you can get to the countryside (Pentland hills) in five mins from Redford or Dreghorn. Rosyth may be by the sea but it is a bit of a dump to say the least.....and it's a half hour taxi to Edinburgh.

    Hope that helps.

  3. Sassy, I know the area very well indeed. Rosyth is a bit rough in parts but as long as the bridge is not congested then it is a short run into Craigiehall. Rosyth also means that you are close to the M90 the road to Perth the Highlands and real Scotland.

    Redford is close to the Edinburgh ring road, which is very busy at peak times but you have easier access to the city centre, which is chaotic at present due to tram works.

    Either way, Craigiehall is a superb place to work, lovely grounds, lovely people, ..... drop in and see me when you arrive.
  4. What Paymaster said is spot on.
    Craigiehall is an excellent place in a great location. It has been a good few years since I was there but there used to be some excellent quarters at Craigiehall. I would guess they are all taken by senior officers or sold of to civ div.
  5. Nope. Still there (the one I lived in as a kiddie, anyway) and at least one of the quarters belongs to a WO2 - based on giving a friend a lift home last summer.

    On the "Rosyth OK when the bridge isn't congested" - that's fairly often, especially during rush hour.

    Redford / Dreghorn is very convenient if you haven't got a car; Craigiehall is great if you have.
  6. Just a thought but it might prove useful to have a look at both areas using the Google Street View which is now available on the internet, access via the Google search page.