SFA woes

Looking at other threads I thought this subject needed its own location as this is seriously affecting morale.

I recently took over a 1/4 in in my new location (in Surrey) - can't be more specific as there are a number of disputes ongoing.

I was shocked at the state of the quarter. It looked fine on the outside but beneath the veneer it was all cr@p. No curtains - then again no rails to hang them on in some rooms anyway. Basins cracked. Kitchen units peeling (actually they look dog chewed but I can't prove that). Outstanding jobs for MHS that had not been done.

I found out today that DE had not informed the gas supplier that they were no longer in control of the property so I had to rectify their bill.

Oven U/S and replacd after 16 days with a slimline one as 'We only have to provide cooking facilities'. I asked them who made this policy decision as the last one was full size. They are still considering this.

In a hotel for a night because the water went off the day after we moved in - then the MHS credit card bounced when I tried to book out.

No shower despite this supposedly being a grade 2 - the DHE housing officer said I could challenge the grading (which I am) up to 4 months after I moved in and looked most embarressed when I pointed out that it had to be done in 3 months! I asked the DE and MHS reps what the process was to get a shower put in and was met with silence - they didn't know!!

My 14 day march in fault list (all 3 pages of it) has been recieved by DE (well I have a copy back with a home made date stamp on it saying (RECIEVED - ALDERSHOT) but no attributable name or position) but I was advised by a housing officer that this was worthless unless there was a letter from DE saying that not only that they acknowledged the faults but ALSO that they would not hold me accontable for rectifying them. This resulted in a good hour on the phone being bounced between MHS and DE as no one was prepared to put this on paper and neither would take responsibility. I am still waiting.

I've only beein in 16 days and have had 6 visits from MHS - 4 of which did absolutely noting to solve the problem.


Process over Product?

No wonder people are leaving in droves and morale is at rock bottom.

Any other tales of woe out there?
That lot are a bunch of cnuts. I had a quarter at Blandford and it was a disgrace. For the first 3,4 months I had no hot water from the tap. (Shower was fine). After about three or four visits from 'plumbers' I had a plethora of excuses why it wasn't working. I was boiling a kettle every morning just to have a shave. Then on a totally unrelated incident, my wife mentioned to the bloke that the hot water wasn't working, he changed the taps and hey presto, it worked. It took four months for these so called plumbers to work out it was a faulty tap. Fcuking usless cnuts.

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