Discussion in 'Seniors' started by 6952grumm, Oct 15, 2007.

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  1. Don't know if this is true but somebody told me I was intitled to apply for the 'Member of the International Association of Bookkeepers' after passing the Service Fund Accounts course which I did a couple of years ago, anybody know if this is true and if so, anybody know what I need to fill out form wise, many thanks
  2. Why don't you Google the Association then look at what the conditions of membership are.

    I think (although i could be wrong) you may be able to claim the costs back for joining professional bodies.

  3. Have searched Google but the web site does not mention converting military qualifications to MIAB
  4. Its got plenty of information on the website that should be able to help you. If not e-mail them. If they require specific quals go and speak to your education officer who should be able to square away what the SFA qual is equivalent of.
  5. Why don't you ring the Finance Section at Worthy Down that run the courses. They will be able to tell you all that you need to know about getting civilian certificates for passing the Service Funds Course.

    There was certainly some information on it when I did mine in 2004, not that I wanted to continue a career in Bookkeeping - yawn !!!

    Best of luck to you though if it flicks your switch :D
  6. An extract from DSPSI 02/07

    1. Enclosure 9 an application for exemptions for the International Association of Bookkeepers
    (IAB) Diploma’s – NQF Level 3:
    Diploma in Small Business Financial Management
    Diploma in Computerised Book-keeping
    Exemption fees are £25 per Diploma.
    2. The fees for membership are:
    MIAB (Member) for personnel who have completed the All Arms Service Funds
    Course since 1993 - £56 annual subscription and £20 administration fee.
    FIAB (Fellow) for personnel who have passed the Regimental Accountants Course
    since 1993 - £61 annual subscription and £20 administration fee.
    3. Members are entitled to use post nominal letters MIAB or FIAB.
  7. Danny Boy many thanks haven't really had chance to follow up any thing been busy trying to find work but this is brilliant again many thanks