SFA - The good and the bad

Discussion in 'Officers' started by royalmile, Jan 16, 2010.

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  1. It is getting to that time when the APC pick names out of the hat for next jobs. I am being grilled by Mrs RM about SFA. What are they like in:

    Abbey Wood
    Innsworth (when the ARRC move)

    Grateful for any feedback
  2. Has she also asked on Rear Party?
  3. Abbey Wood SFA consists mainly of hirings dotted around Bristol. I have heard good and bad things. The good is that they are close to the amenities and the bad is mainly about size (think shoe boxes).

    Andover SFA was crap and I don't think it has improved!

    Wilton SFA was generally pretty good but people were dotted all over the place - including Bulford and Larkhill. The latter houses were usually pretty decrepit but came with lots of space. Remember that Wilton is moving to Andover c2011. Wilton to Andover will not be a pleasant commute!!!

    I have been told by a senior Crab that the Innsworth quarters are pretty good (at the same time that he was bemoaning the closure of the site when he had a good chance of commanding it - so he might have been biased)!

  4. Wilton people are also housed at Archers Gate, Amesbury. All new build SFA.
  5. I don`t get it :? , an
    Armoured Personel Carrier wants you to go to Soltau- Fallingbostel in Germany? :roll:
  6. No it doesn't. Abbey Wood quarters are mostly in Emersons Green, Bradley Stoke or Long Ashton - these are PFP leased quarters that are managed just like a patch. They are 'in the community' but there are whole streets etc that are leased. Saying that, they are pretty damned full with the move of all things DE&S to AW. The properties are less than 10 years old and in good order. I know guys who were allocated quarters in Chepstow and Coresham and commute from there. A small number have got SFSA as hirings, and singlies tend to be flats in Bristol - jammy s0ds.
  7. Have a look HERE as it has all the details you'd need about a move to Innsworth.