SFA - Single serving parent, Eligible but not entitled?

Hello all

I’m a single parent serving full time, I have hired a live in nanny as I don’t want to be the “single parent” that has to say no when the singlies don’t have that liberty.
I go on a 9 month deployment soon too so that reinforces the need for a f/t nanny.

I live in SFA and have a 3rd bedroom for the nanny to live in also, I know a couple of people in this situation, one in the same street but Amey are telling me although I am eligible to the nanny’s bedroom I am not entitled so have to pay higher rent fees etc, I was happy to accept this but it has come to light having chatted with the others in the same boat that I am the only one that is being told I’m not entitled and paying more.

I have read JSP 464 and under the entitlement part it says that single parents with a nanny should be allocated housing with enough bedrooms to accommodate the nanny. Doesn’t say it’s eligibility or entitlement but does come under the “entitlement” section.
I decided to question this with Amey and they have responded saying I am wrong and actually they may up my rent as I should pay even more for over entitlement, even though I’m paying more than double than my neighbors already.
Can anyone shed any light please....?


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Get your unit welfare Officer engaged asap.

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