SFA Rental - Price Increases

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by beanhead, Jul 20, 2011.

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  1. Ok the duty rumour is that SFA rental charges will rise over the next 10 years to match civillian rental prices. Apparently the charges will be rank based, in other words if you are a WO1 you will pay considerably more than a Pte soldier. This is to force you to buy your own home, which means savings for the government in that DIO can reduce the estate. Unless the powers that be increase LSAP then this will not be possible in the current climate. As it stands you are looking at £40k deposit on a £200,000 property & 80% mortgage, who the hell can afford that! The rumour is they are holding back on increasing SFA rental until Apr 13, which is when we are due a pay rise again - cnuts..........

    The other rumour going around is that SFA will only be provided for those in their first 6 years of service, after that you are on your own. It is funny how this ties in with the Governments 'Homebuy' scheme, which is only offered for those who have served between 4 & 6 years service?

  2. OMG!!! So I'm serving in an ISODET in Norway, I'm a WO2 AT instructor so I'm going to have to buy a house on the civvy net in Oslo? Thank f*ck I didn't get that job in the embassy in Washington.

    Is the equivalent rent going to be based on the local area? So if I'm at the new Multi Role Bde location (maybe Leuchars) I proff, but if I'm drafted to Main Building, to a post that needs me on short notice to move, I'll be paying London rent?

    And are the singlies going to get bummed as well? Rent on a par with student halls, nurses accommodation or room-only digs?

    I hate rumour mongs (those that monger).
  3. Funnily enough this rumour has been 'doing the rounds' for some years now.
  4. Indeed if you click on the following link to the AFF Housing Survey Guidelines, this is further info:


    Here is an extract from the reasoning behind the AFF survey:

    'The New Employment Model (NEM) seeks to provide Terms and Conditions of Service (including career structure, pay, pensions, allowances and accommodation options) that better balance the expectations of Service personnel and the demands placed on them and their families. One specific aim will be to improve domestic stability, which benefit spouses' employment and children's education. The NEM will recognise that, where mobility is required for Service reasons, appropriate support and compensation should be available. Policy changes will be implemented from 2014 over a period of about ten years. The NEM programme will seek to maximise stability and reduce dependency on publicly supported accommodation. The Future Accommodation Project (FAP) will develop options for a different approach to the provision of accommodation, which will better meet future needs for affordable and good quality living accommodation. This accommodation survey will assist the FAP team with their

    AFF View: 'Army housing is likely to face significant changes as the MOD encourages military families to use privately rented or owned accommodation as opposed to living in Service Family Accommodation (quarters) as their mobility decreases. Some of the options being considered include increasing rents to market rates and limiting the use of SFA to the early years of Service. Changes could dramatically alter the way Army families live their lives in both positive and negative ways. AFF is aware that changes may be met with significant opposition from families but this is also an opportunity to ensure that the Defence Estate is fit for purpose and meets the needs of the modern Army family. This survey gives families the opportunity to ensure that their aspirations and requirements are clear to the Future Accommodation Project team. AFF will use the results of this survey to ensure that the views of families are properly considered'.

    Looks like my source was a reliable one as it appears that some of the 'rumours' are in fact true. This also ties in with the possible removal of CEA with the building of 'Super Garrisons' and improving domestic stability for service personnel (with TA personnel doing the warfighting as the cheaper option).

  5. My Bold.

    Looks like your source was quoting options that are still being considered, as agreed policy changes.
    Those that are likely to be affected by the NEM need to articulate their concerns to the CoC, the AFF Housing Survey is a good place to start.