Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by SexInTheDisabledToilet, Oct 15, 2010.

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  1. Can anyone give me a heads up on which is the correct, up to date term for what I have always been introduced to as the "Blank firing attachment" ? Has it been rebranded as a "Safe firing attachment" or is that just talking pish?
  2. As far as I'm aware:

    The attachment itself is called the Safe Blank Firing Attachment (SBFA) but is usually referred to as the BFA. I believe, prior to H&K building it, the old one was simply called the 'BFA'.
    The whole system (SBFA and Yellow Mags) is called the Safe Blank Firing System (SBFS)

  3. SFA is Servicepersonnel Families Accommodation IIRC
  4. Cheers lads. Cleared up.
  5. but the SBFA is referred to in Pam 21 as the BFA.
  6. That's where the confusion comes then! For intents and purposes it is a BFA, but it's officially designated name is the H&K SBFA.

    So all the normal people will call it the BFA, and all spotters will call it the SBFA, and chaps like the OP get confuzzled.
  7. Or SBFS, (Safe Blank Firing System), as it also utilises the Magazine and is not just the "bullet catcher".

  8. ;)

    Hadn't heard it referred to as a 'bullet catcher' before though, as it's main purpose is for keeping enough gas inside the weapon to re-cock it.
  9. That's one of it's purposes, another is to 'catch' 3 live rounds before it fails, there is also a seperate BFA for the LSW and is marked as such, IIRC that stops 5 live rounds.
  10. Well BFA is a term given to devices for a number of weapons, not all of those attachments do stop rounds. So what I meant was really, the purpose of 'a' BFA is not primarily stopping rounds as such, even if the SA80 one does.

    That said, naturally, anything that's made of metal and sits on the end of a barrel is going to disrupt a live round going down the barrel!
    To my knowledge, it has nothing to do with stopping more rounds. It just clogs up more space in the barrel, because basically where the barrel is longer, the gas has to go further back to go up the gas port, so more gas needs to be retained inside the weapon, and thus the LSW one is longer.

    That said, you may be correct and it additionally may, due to it's extra length, stop an additional 2 rounds!
  11. I didn't say the primary purpose is to catch live rounds, the primary purpose is to enable the weapon to function correctly but since it is the rifle we are dealing with here I'll be really sad and partially quote Pam 5.....

    "The blank firing system consists of the following; BFA..........The tube is a bullet trap designed to capture up to three live rounds accidentally fired through the Rifle/Carbine/LSW. There are different tubes for the Rifle, Carbine and LSW. There are four different BFAs. They are marked on the bullet trap with the appropriate weapon type."
    "Magazine.....Above this a detent guide is cut into the body with a detent set into it. This is attached to a round limiter which is situated in front of the magazine platform."

    The LSW one isn't any longer nor is the one for the carbine any shorter, there was a post started by myself a good while back asking why there were different types of bullet trap but I cant be arrsed to find it.
  12. Didn't say you did! But cheers for educating me!

    Do you happen to know what the 4th type is?
    Rifle, Carbine and LSW, and... ?
  13. I would assume rifle with UGL fitted.
  14. Potentially. I was just thinking, when you use the laser system with the helmet mounted doo-dah (SORS or SAWS or something is it called?), isn't the BFA different? Maybe that's the 4th one.
  15. What is (or was) the TLA for 'Battlefield Ambulance' ?