SFA Officer Quarters in the Aldershot area

Discussion in 'Officers' started by chessmaster, Jan 6, 2010.

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  1. Hi all

    I am due to be posted to Aldershot from Germany in the near future and would appreciate some advice on decent quarter areas to put in for please. At the moment I only have one child so I guess will only be entitled to a 3 bed house, although do plan for more family so will push for a 4 bed. Any suggestions? Please help!!

  2. You're an Officer with one child & you're entitled to a 3 bedroom quarter?

    Very nice! :)

    Unless you are a Major, you'll end up with one of the scabby quarters in North Camp, or the ones by Malta Barracks.

    Have you thought about buying your own house.
    With the interest rates at an all time low, you'd be in a very good position.
  3. There are some new ones at the back of Mons Bks but not sure what the estate is called but the majority of the others are Blenheim Gardens at the top of Queens Ave.
  4. ..all depends on your definition of decent. My quarter is in the Aldershot Area (but not in Aldershot) and is relatively run down; this suits as I pay less as a consequence.

    Whatever your circumstances, it is well worth spending some time chatting up the allocations people to see what the broader options are, if any. Allocations will likely give you a quarter based on their interpretation of your requirements (eg, if you work in Aldershot; a quarter in Aldershot). However, a more 'decent' option might be available if you are, say, prepared to travel from elsewhere in the area or are prepared to take something outside of your entitlement.

    Contact numbers:


    Give the HIC a call; my experience has been that they go out of their way to be help people help them establish happy homes for servicemen.
  5. Ha ha!! You really are a "cunny_funt"!!
  6. Nice of you to say so! :)
  7. Hi, no 'smart comments' here, simply my views on the quarters I have occupied in the Aldershot area. I'm a LE officer and have, over the years occupied quarters in Church Crookham (I rate them 3/10 but excellent for access to the training area for dog walking), Blenheim Park (I rate them 6/10 but good access to Queen's parade sports pitches), Beverley Crescent (7/10 but poor location) and Gainsborough Close (I rate them 7/10 great location but only 5 quarters there - the rest are civpop). I have visited Wakeford's Close/Copse (new quarters in North Camp already mentioned) and would rate them 8 or 9/10 but, comparatively, you will pay a lot for the luxury of living in a 'new' quarter).

    I had no choice with the Blenheim Park or Church Grookham quarters but actively sought the Beverley Crescent and Gainsborough Close ones. I would also advice you to strongly consider Knolly's Rd (by Prince Consort's library) as they are a very good size, but as they are fairly old, you will pay 'peanuts' to occupy them...

    I accept that we all have differing requirements in quarters and the ratings above are based on the ever-changing needs of someone fast approaching his 'dotage'..... hope this helps :)
  8. I lived in Blenheim Park twice; once without choosing and once through choice. They don't look great from the outside but they are fine inside. Good location for walking to the local shops in North Camp. Close to the sports facilities and easy to a couple of train stations and the M3. The Aldershot ones seem alright, and I would happily go back to Blenheim Park.

  9. The Knolly's Rd quarters were always the Para Regt Commanding Officers accommodation & they are big.

    If you could buy one of those on the open market, there wouldn't be much change out of a million£ 8O
  10. beverly crescent is awful, it backs onto a massive council estate where chavs and crack-heads are a plenty...avoid like the plague, the HIC try and get these out as surplus...there is however a hidden gem of officers SFA in the aldershot area...???
  11. I've just moved from Church Crookham where there are plenty of Capt houses available. You need to ask for Wakeford's Park on your 1132 (or whatever the forms are called now!!) Also Tweseldown School is bloody good and only half a mile walk from the SFA. Aldershot centre is 5 miles across the trg area. Nice run or bike ride to work.

    Blenheim Park is a dump with syringes and ASBO's in the kids play area - I was offered SFA there but turned it down after seeing a DE(HD) flyer recommending the kids didn't play in the park....

    Good luck and keep pushing, don't believe them when they say no houses free - I strongly recommend going there, finding all the empty houses and asking for them by number.
  12. The offr patch here at CC is quite small, and across the park from us peasants at Quetta park.

    I quite like the area, although after Germany its a shock!
    As a previous poster stated, tweseldown school is very good, trying to get my nipper a place there for Sept.
    very good reviews from ofsted.
    The pre school is fantastic, and is just across the park for you
  13. Agreed - Quetta pre-school is great, my boy went there. Officer's patch is bigger than it looks, it's like a bl**dy rabbit warren!!

    Either way, good luck fella.
  14. Push for a 4 bed you C@nt! How about a two bed with 2 kids like alot of us. Did I mention you are a C@nt? No wonder there is less and less respect for you bunch of mostly spoilt arse wiped cock jockeys...

    Right rant over, sorry to be abusive but really you should take a look in the mirror and think about need more than greed. :oops:
  15. And breathe.