SFA in South West England

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Bootifull, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. Would anybody "in the know" have any idea if there is a chronic shortage of Service Families Accommodation within the South West of England?

    Or is it that Warminster HIC is shite?
  2. Warminster HIC is shite.

    The quarters in a certain SW area are being regraded at present as they are classed as grade 1 - grade 1 my fucking ass. Absolute dives all of them.

    Oh and as an aside point, Modern Housing Solutions are shite too.

    Did you know that MHS give you £20 vouchers if their contractors miss an appointment at your quarter or turn up later than "promised"? Strangely enough they don't advertise that fact very much as I'd imagine their profits are taking a nosedive due to the increase in the voucher bonanza.
  3. Did you know MHS profits go up more if they dont spend all of the MOD budget ?
  4. Good heavens.
  5. Do you work for MHS and is your father also a daft cunt, like his son?
  6. Much as I detest MHS I do not believe this to be strictly the case.

    What is more likely is that there is a 'gainshare' arrangement in place whereby any 'efficiencies', above those already agreed in the plan, are shared. Quite simply, if they are doing the same, or more for, less then they will share in the windfall.
  7. My bold. Is this policy aimed at all DHE tenants, or just that particular estate?