SFA in lieu of SLA by appointment

Posted here as the criteria refer mostly to Officers:

JSP 464 allows for certain appointments to hold SFA in lieu of SLA. Does that phrase 'in lieu' mean SFA is at the relevant SLA rate or does the occupant get the full SFA rent and utilities as well? The JSP does not clarify on this issue.

All info happily received
As always it depends on the SLA availability in the area - OF 4 (apart from those in Command appointments) are now living back in the Mess (subject to a suite being available). In real terms OF 4 and below live in and OF5 and above live out.
If you are serving in BFG you will receive LOSLOA providing you are filling a command appointment, pay for the SFA and where applicable get HDT. If using the mess for lunch you are to pay for your meals if PAYD or pay a daily food charge. You are entitled to use the mess facilities ie washing machines and dryers.

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