SFA in Andover/Tidworth/Salisbury area

I have just found out my next posting will be HQ Army, therefore starting the search for SFA. This will be our first quarter therefore, at present, I am not as savvy as some when it comes to HIC dealings. I would really appreciate any information on quarters (Majs - Type 4 I beleive?) in that area. Where to aim for, where to avoid etc. We are planning a trip down to have a look next weekend, so any details will be hugely appreciated. If you have postcodes or road names, please PM me. Thanks.
While I can't offer any specific advice, I understand that in the typical army fashion, there is nowhere near enough SFA in or near to Andover and so many officers end up with lengthy commutes. You could consider Netheravon or Upavon, certainly there were people living in both places who worked at Andover a couple of years ago.
Massive shortage of SFA in the area, lads at our unit being housed all over the place.

Also lots of lads in SSFA, it's luck of the draw as to when you put your application in at the moment.

I was housed miles away from work, whereas a couple of weeks later, a new lad with just him and the wife got a 3 bed next door to camp.

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There is a shortage. Given the choice, your decision will rest on family circumstances. Does your spouse work, any children of school age, do you like towns and shops or do you like being in the middle of nowhere?
A lot of Officers at Andover are housed in the old quarters at Wilton, where HQLF used to be. about 30-ish min drive.
If you or your other half have got a Face book account and you are not concerned by OPSEC like my lovely wife, go on Married Quarters are us on Face book.
Nearly every SFA pad is on there!
Ours was- and I'm in Brunei ffs....
As mentioned above there's still lots of quarters in the Salisbury area and that would be my preference over Andover but it depends on your circumstances, I assume as it's your first quarter kids schools aren't an issue then maybe look at transport links and entertainment etc. You could of course end up with a hiring (anywhere although you may be able to influnce the area), have you spoken to the local housing office as they should be able to give you an idea of what's available and where. From my experience the Wilton patch is (was) good geographically and socially, Andover has more facilities but a bit bland, Warminster is limited for facilities but good for the West Country whilst Salisbury Plain (Tidworth/Larkhill etc) has lots of options but you'll be miles from anywhere. If you are offered a hiring be sure to check out the area as many are in massive estates such as Archer's Gate near Boscombe Down or Bishopdown Farm in Salisbury and you may not appreciate such environments.
Great advice again, if anyone would be able to PM me the postcodes or street names of the Harnham or Upper/Lower Folly patches it would really help our recce. Thanks again.
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