SFA housing and marriage

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Punk_trooper, Dec 15, 2009.

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  1. ive looked through everything i can to find an answer to this but with no luck so here goes...

    i know when you move into SFA you can choose unfurnished, part furnished and fully furnished.

    Does anyone know whats included in the fully furnished place at all and also im planning on getting married at some point before im posted and wondered once i start basic do i have to ask the army's permission or not??

    Thanks for any help

  2. I couldn't comment as to what is scaled for fully furnished SFA, so I'll leave that to someone who knows.
    As for asking permission to marry, it is more of a formality than anything to ask your CO for permission. I remember seeing a thread about the detail involved, but basically it summarised that it is the decent thing to send an invitation to them- Don't worry, they should decline!

    I would reccomend hanging on until after training until you get married though, or before. You won't have much time to yourself as it is, and if you are trying to organise a wedding, something wil go wrong or your training will suffer if your mind is elsewhere. Do one thing at a time, then you wont risk fecking them both up.
  3. we were only planning on a small ceremony anyway just to get the legal side covered then do a decent blessing once we'd settled into army life, thanks for your advice, ill have a chat with her and see what she thinks
  4. A fully furnished house consists of the following:
    Beds and mattresses, Chest of drawers, 3 Piece suite, Dining table & chairs, kitchen table and Table occasional(coffee table)
    This is the basics you can have more but most people don’t use the rest of the stuff that is on offer.

    You can also have a get you in pack consisting of bedding, pots and pans and crockery.

    The basic Quarter should have carpets, curtains and wardrobes either. (fitted or stand alone)

    All the furniture that is available is listed on the MOD form 1132 which is the paperwork you need to apply for a Quarter.
  5. nice one thanx houseman
  6. If you do request a MQ how likely is it that you get one?
    As I know the Navy if there are no more houses then you might not get one. (know this as my friend is still waiting for one)
  7. as far as i know you should have your housing 4 weeks after posting maximum (well thats what the defence estates site says)
  8. link doesnt seem to work thanks alot though :)
  9. It does, but only via the Intranet i.e you need to access via a MoD system.
  10. sorry but this comment is b0ll0x...defence doesn't just run out of houses - in the event of non-avail youare allocated a house in a near by station or put in a hiring

    also for the original poster, in addition to furnishings, you can request a "get you in pack" which consists of pots, pans, cutlery, crockery, glasses etc

    bear in mind though you are not entitled to SFA until after you complete Ph2 - there may be some exceptions to this - eg trades with very long training, AT, avtech etc
  11. Thanks for that one!!! :D
  12. What is actually included in part / fully furnished depends on what you are entitled to, what you select, and a points based system on those items.
    Unfurnished does not necessarily mean no furniture as there are some items that score zero points, e.g. a cot, high chair and child safety gates.

    Entitlement is based on furnishing scales and the type of house, e.g. anything from a flat to a mansion.

    Each item on a specific furnishing scale scores percentage points. If you take everything then it is 100% but if you take 51% it still qualifies as fully furnished. Drop to 50% or less and it is part furnished. Take nothing or items with 0 points and it is unfurnished.

    Because the rent jumps in steps then have a think about what it is worth to you - buying a three piece suite may not reduce your furniture hire and just increase the effort it takes you to move house for the rest of your career, or selecting one more item of issued furniture could jump you from part furnished rent to fully furnished rent.

    Get you in and get you out packs cover bedding and crockery but are temporary issues to help you out while all your own gear is packed (or if your first home until you get to the shops)

    Carpets, curtains and a cooker are always included and are zero points.
    Entitled furniture covers settees, arm chairs, dining tables & chairs, sidebooard, occasional tables, beds & mattreses, dressing tables, stools, kitchen tables, wardrobes if not fitted.
  13. You don't have to 'invite' your hierachy, or even ask permission. It is perfectly acceptable for you merely inform them of your intentions, in writing, and give dates, etc.

    You're getting married not giving a Royal Banquet.

    Seeing as you are a young tom, possibly with no furniture yet, by all means go for the full monty to start with. I did, and I slowly bought my own stuff as I could.

    My Mrs practically vomited when she saw teh 'three piece suite' ;D If you get full furnished, you can purchase second hand quite easily. Wait for everyone to move :D and prowl around on bulk rubbish days.