SFA for unmarried but with children

Hi all,

Anyone able to give me some more info on whether my girlfriend and I would qualify for SFA? We're not married but we've got a little one on the way. Would we be eligible for SFA? I know we'd meet the requirements for the surplus housing however the only surplus available at my camp is an hours drive away, and two hours away from her work.

Can't see any info online with regards to whether we'd be able to occupy the normal SFA in the area. Planning on speaking to the accommodation cell in the new year but thought I'd ask around here first.

Cheers all
I’d say you’re in a “Long Term Relationship”, and thus under the rules:

0111. Cohabit/Cohabitation. For this policy, cohabitation is defined as Service personnel living with a partner, who is not their legal spouse/civil partner, in an established Long-Term Relationship (LTR(E)) – which is recognised by Defence and recorded appropriately on JPA. Personnel will continue to be eligible to apply for surplus SFA in accordance with Chapter 9 to this policy but may only cohabit in surplus SFA at their place of work5.

I’d go and see the clerks and accommodation office in your local area.
You qualify (as stated above) to apply for a Surplus SFA as you are demonstrably in a LTR(E). Speak to your UWO and or HR clerks.

See Point 03 in this:



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I would advise checking any SFA offered thoroughly, preferably with your Plt SNCO or equivalent. Alot of SFA is poorly maintained. For example, check all doors open and are attached, all windows lock shut etc.

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