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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by 11D, Jun 25, 2008.

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  1. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    Can somebody please clarify the policy for SFA charges.

    I am in a situation where I am accommodated in SFA that is higher than my entitlement due to non-availabilty of SFA for my entitlement. But I fear I am being overcharged.

    My question is should I be paying for the Type of SFA I am entitled to or for the Type of SFA I have? E.g If I am entitled to a Type IV but there are none avail, only Type III, do I pay Type III or IV rent??

    If there is any relevant publication out there with this info legislated, I would be most interested in obtaining it.

    Kind Regards

  2. 11D, this could be the snippet from Tri Service Accn Regs that you requir, this is a subject close to my wallet at the momement!!

    0325. Allocation of SFA above entitlement. The HIC may offer SFA above entitlement on those occasions when SFA of the entitled Type is not available (thereby avoiding SSFA). Above entitlement allocations are to be made on the same basis as allocations to entitlement, in that occupants of above entitled properties will not normally be required to vacate during the course of their tour of duty unless circumstances arise which make the continued occupation of the property inappropriate or impossible (see Chapter 8 Section V). In order not to disadvantage personnel when SFA above the normal entitlement is allocated for service reasons, the SFA charge is to be that related to a Grade 1 SFA of the Type to which the Service person is normally entitled, unless the Grading of the SFA actually occupied is lower in which case the lesser rate must be charged. The Fuel Subsidy Scheme is to be applied to the Type of SFA occupied. The applicant may decline the offer of above entitlement SFA without penalty, and retain their existing position on
  3. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    My current SFA is above my entitlement and is Grade 2, so that says to me then that I should be paying Grade 2 rates for the type I am entitled to????

    I take it you are paying more than your fair share as well??
  4. That is how it reads to me. My situation is slightly different as i was told that above entitlement offer was an option as i have been given entitlement to Type D when i would normally only get a C. Shortage of a suitable qtr meant they were looking at this, hence why i knew the chapter to look at.

    Good luck at getting any money owed!!
  5. I am only entitled to Grade B, but the quarter I was put in is Grade C, the only type available at the time. I pay Grade B accommodation rates but grade C council tax. I still have the authority letter somewhere, if that helps.
  6. Don't confuse type of SFA with Grade of SFA.

    Type (Soldiers)
    Type A = 1 bedroom SFA
    Type B = 2 Bedroom SFA
    Type C = 3 Bedroom SFA
    Type D = 4 Bedroom SFA
    Type (Officers)
    Type V Captain
    Type IV Major
    Type III Lt Col
    Type II Col
    This is not hard and fast and for the definitive entitlement refer to TSARs.

    The grade of a SFA is dependant on a lot of factors the fabric of the SFA, amenities, banks, shops, cash points etc. You normally fall into grade 1 to 4 or if it is really bad there are 4a - 4d.

    The authoritive document you need to read to define what charges you need to pay is JSP 464 TRI SERVICE ACCOMMODATION REGULATIONS (TSARs).
    The bottom line is if you asked for SFA above your entitlement you will be charged for the type you are in. If you didn't and were put there by DE then you pay for the type appropriate to you. Well worth reading the regulations, and if you have a garage check the internal size to make sure you are not being overcharged for this as well. I have contested the Type, Grade and Garage rent and won all three.

    Read the book first and go in armed.