SFA Bristol

Afternoon all, I have just found out I am to be sent to the Bristol area.

I have spoken to DHE and found them to be really helpfull (sic).

Could anyone on here give me a bit of a heads up on the patches around Bristol.

yeah, Warminster HIC, really useful bunch eh?!

Most of the SFA for Bristol is in the form of PFI "quarters" issued by the HIC the same as any other quarters. The main "patch" is Emerson's Green, on the Avon Ring Road. OR scum like me get a 4bed town house (not bad really as it's over entitlement so I only pay for a 3bed), officers are mostly in proper houses, I think the smallest are 4bed. The SFA ghetto is mixed in amongst a vast estate of Strawberry Mivvies, with a large Sainsburys( and a Lidl for us ORs) etc.

Gardens are generally small and parking is a pain in the arrse, schools are pretty good, though sadly most of military kids seem to get allocated to the only school outside of walking distance :x

Definite plus is Morrisons, the company that owns and manages the houses make MHS look like a useless bunch of cnuts (really? I hear you say, but MHS are soooo good!)
Facilities, depends, if your move to Brizzel is in connection with a posting to ScabbyWood then I can comment, otherwise I can only comment on what's available at Emerson's Green generally.

There is no mess at Abbeywood but there is a very good Gym (Navy and RAF get membership free, Army have to pay £20/yr, though I have heard we get it free now too) there is a Mil Med Centre on site for primary health care, Dentist (for Army personnel) is at Beachley Bks, Chepstow. Clothing store is at Corsham or somesuch but you can do normal exchanges via the site FM company by "mail order".

For wifey there is a Hive at Emerson's Green, and a Dr sugery and SHOCK HORROR an NHS Dentist!!!! plus all other civvy stuff in walking distance or a short drive.

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