SFA Basics - What's Inside?

Hi there I am soon to move into a SFA,however I'm curious as to know what should or will be inside,I know there will be an door and other things such as tiles so no smart answers please,thankyou for your help
What have you asked for?
It should have a cooker, curtains, shower curtain and light bulbs.
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As wafubustard has said, the minimum you will have is a cooker, curtains, shower curtain and light bulbs.
You might geta vacuum cleaner and possibly gardening tools.

Did you request Unfurnished, Part Furnished or Fully Furnished?
Did you ask for a 'Get You in Pack'?

The application you will have completed to request SFA will have had a part with, as said above, Furnished, Part Furnished and unfurnished. There will have been a list afterwards to what you wanted if it was part furnished. This is what you can get in addition to horrible curtains, coffee/wine stained carpets (unless brand new) and a cooker.

You can take a furnished option for a period of time until you have your own furniture, or just go with the military stuff as it is easier.
There are & aren't furniture entitlement scales any more.
You are 'entitled' to as much furniture as you want, provided it fits into the house or flat that you are entitled to for your family.
That means you get some choice such as having numerous arm chairs instead of one sofa and two chairs etc

The 1132 has a furnishing list as part of your application for an SFA, every item of furniture carries a points value.
When there were entitlement scales the full set for any sfa type would equate 100 points. Now you can have more than 100 points (but still have to fit it all in)
Your actual points value depends on where you fall for fully / part / unfurnished rent. Combine that with the type of SFA and its standard and you can find out how much the rent will be.

SFA should now have fitted wardrobes, so you should not need them. But it's worth getting advice on the SFA in the area you are going

If you have little kids then child items such as cot, high chair, safety gates etc are free.
Ps - if its not listed elsewhere the furniture points list is in JSP number something, Tri service accommodation regulations (TSARs)

The 'get you in pack' is a pack of extra items for a short loan giving you essentials such as bedding, lots, cutlery & crockery on the day you move in. You have to return it once your own turns up from the removals people or you've had a chance to get to be shops if its your first home
Thanks, tommika. We've been unfurnished for almost 20 years, so that change has passed me by.

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