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I will be moving to Andover shortly and have sent of a MOD F1132 to Warminster HIC. Not really knowing the area what are the SFA like on the Andover site, visited a friend a couple of years back and remember that he had a decent sized 3 bedroom house but the electrics where a health hazard and the Garage door fell on his head!! Have they been refurbished in view of any future moves?

If I cannot get the Andover site they mentioned Middle Wallop and Bulford but I have heard there are the odd few situated in some cosy little village location (secret for those in the know) anyone have any recommendations.

Need a decent are to walk a dog, he loves chasing Rabbits.

Any info would be helpful.


I read elsewhere on the forums (some old posts) about TESCOs buying up some adjacent land with plans for a DEPOT?

Currently going through a world of pain with the Warminster HIC (as has everyone else I talk too). In short they can place you anywhere within a 20 mile radius of your work and are likely to offer you one down (it's in the rules!!!!). Their understanding of our requirments are non existant and they are wholly rude and unhelpful on the telephone.

Over 100 complaints per month but nothng changes - sorry to be so negative, I hope your experience is better?


Have you contacted your local HIVE rep? They will be able to get info on the Andover area and should be able to answer your questions.

The Megashed or Depot you refer to has been "put on the back shelf" so to speak. Andover has a couple of MSQ areas, both close to DE&S Andover plus the patch on site. DE&S are moving to Abbeywood in the not too distant and the real estate will be taken over by LAND personnel. Both Wallop and Bulford are out in the sticks and the dog would enjoy it but a car is needed for both.
I would avoid Bulford if possible terrible place needs a health warning slapped on it! Go for Tidworth or Andover. Better places to walk the dog around Tidworth being on the plain. Would ask for Avon or Matthews Est and try to avoid Zouch
Warminster HIC have been terrible with me too. They pulled the 'one down' out of the bag with me. Unfortunately, us light blue have it as a condition of contract that we have to be offered the entitled scale of housing - so they had to back-pedal a good bit.

Their website says they will try to get you a response in 15 working days - the JSP says they are mandated to. Mandated is a bit of a stronger word than try isn't it?

My complaint will follow as well.


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I walk my puppy over tidworth and salisbury plains - would recommend ;o)
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