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Hi; I have just been informed that i am moving to Andover in Oct. Not having ever lived in that area what where are the nearest / best Married Quarters?

Andover? Wallop? Other?

Is there a plan to refurb the SFA at Andover last time I saw them they where pretty dire, I also heard of a deal with Tesco's to build a depot near the SFA patch.

Also is there a functioning WOs and Sgts Mess at Andover - what's the beer like?

Its andover, need anybody say anymore.
Currently serving there. Have been here for 2 years but I'm due to move shortly. Not sure on ORs accommodation - there are a few on camp and the others are in chichester close. Some WO1s are on the officers patch which is OK although some of these houses back onto the A303 - so very busy and noise is an issue. Not sure on houses at MW but Bulford and Tidworth are all in the allocations zone. PM me and I'll put you in contact with people who will know more.


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I spent two days in the WOs mess last week and its modern very nice and extremely spacious. It seemed to be well supported and have a relaxed atmosphere.

Better than the Victorian hole I’m in currently.
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