SF Syrups - I want one

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Vegetius, Sep 22, 2005.

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  1. Watching the news the other day I saw the kit seized from those captured SF blokes in Basra. Fcuking hell. No, I'm not talking about the space-ray-death-guns or the vast quantities of ammo or super-duper comms kit.

    I'm talking about the wigs.

    Yes, it is quite clear that Red Troop has now been issued with "Calm Down Calm Down" Scouser fright wigs. Do the Mahdi Army really have bubble perms? I'm surprised the Media wasn't issued with a "D" Notice about this shocking breach of OPSEC.

    Can we get hold of some? I'm sure a genuine "SAS Syrup, used once on TELIC" is worth a small fortune on Walt-Bay.

    Can anyone else think of practical uses for false facial hair and/ or syrups in a tactical situation?

  2. BBC once used a false moustache when she went back to the hotplate for thirds.

    Dale looks like she's wearing a false moustache.........but she' not.
  3. Slightly off thread. Real fuzz for false reasons. Grew back the viva Zapata special last seen circa Belfast 77 in order to give more empathy with the Afghans (you can't be a man unless you've got a beard/'tache and all that guff). Quite liked having the hairy lip again and so, when invited to the next Blair trip, grew it back. The salutation I got from 16* when they arrived in Kuwait was "'ello Rickshaw. Still got the porn star 'tache then?" I have since been naked and proud.
  4. We had an engineer turn up to an O' grp in Batus with his side burns joined up to his 'tache in proper C/Sgt Bourne, Do-up-your-tunic-lad-where-do-you-think-you-are, style.

    Dropped brews all round - he had completely gazumped the A Coy 'tache growing competition and trounced us all.

    Obvioulsy not a falsey and therefore not strictly to the spirit of the thread....I would say that despite this, from a morale view point it was a significant force multiplier.
  5. I know a woman like that
  6. Oh how is you mum then Biscuits?

  7. Hey, originality.....that makes a refreshing change.
  8. That is, in the word of the prophet, a f***ing result! Those 'empire' whiskers are awesome.
  9. "Its not a crime to be captured, But it is a crime to behave (and be dressed incorrectly) once captured"

    Harry Webster "F" Sqn
  10. [​IMG]

    All hail.