SF pledge to consult voters about policing

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KevinB, Jan 28, 2008.

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  1. SF pledge to consult voters about policing
    by Donal O’Reilly

    SINN Fein will regularly consult its electorate about what it wants from policing, a public meeting in Camlough has been told.

    The meeting, which was called by the party to discuss policing issues and its participation on the local District Policing Partnership so far, attracted an audience of roughly 30 to the Shane O’Neill GAA club on Tuesday night.

    And those present were assured by Slieve Gullion councillor and DPP member Colman Burns that Sinn Fein will represent its voters on the body.

    “We don’t assume we have all the answers,” councillor Burns said.

    “We’ll work hard and go back to the people and ask them what they want.”

    He explained that local Sinn Fein members have attended two closed meetings of the DPP so far, with issues such as underage drinking and general anti-social behaviour having been amongst the issues discussed.

    Councillor Turlough Murphy, who also sits on the DPP, stated that Sinn Fein have taken the opportunity during the meetings to press the police on what he described as “inactivity regarding known persistent offenders”.

    According to councillor Burns, the party has joined the DPP with the aim of “critically challenging the operational practice of policing in our community”.

    Sinn Fein will also seek to reconstruct the relationship between the police and the community by “proactively shaping the agenda”, while holding the “policing structure in our community” to account, he went on. Councillor Murphy reminded the audience that the public pay for policing through their rates.

    “If we’re paying for it, we want a service which is acceptable to us,” he said. “If we’re paying for hospitals, we won’t accept an unacceptable hospital. If we’re paying for ambulances and one doesn’t call out when we need it, we won’t accept that either.”

    Sinn Fein will seek results rather than statistics, he pledged, and will look to be kept up to date about how various incidents are being followed up and whether or not there have been any arrests.

    Fews representative Pat McGinn, who is not a DPP member, stated that the community wants law and order but argued that it has been denied proper policing to date.

    This has led to frustration in areas plagued by anti-social behaviour, he said, adding that the police must seek to build public confidence in such situations.

    “There is still a lack of confidence in the capability and willingness of the police to deliver policing,” he went on.

    However, Councillor Burns indicated that there are already encouraging signs, referring to public cooperation with the police investigation into a serious incident which occurred in the Silverbridge area over the Hallowe’en period.

    “Things have moved on and it’s up to us to see it’s done right,” he told the audience.

    The councillor did, however, accept that there is a lot of work to be done and reminded those present that it will not happen overnight.

    “It’s the start of a long road and we need everyone’s shoulder to the wheel to make it work,” he said.

    Speaking from the floor, one man said that the ideal solution would be for police officers to live amongst the local community.

    “They would know the area and who the bad boys are,” he said. “It’s like the wild west.”

  2. That must be an interesting chat...

    "Would you like chavs who TWOC a)Knee capped or B)Beaten...?"

    edited cos I is early
  3. SF / IRA having any say whatsoever in any form of polcing is a revolting concept. Then again I am not suprised as the enemy within, are now more interested in spending millions on judicial witch hunts of RUC and British Army in order to appease the SF / IRA terrorists.

    No sign of any investigations into the activities of Gerry or Martin. Must not upset them. Remeber their mates "have not gone away".
  4. Only consolation may be that Gerry and Martin are as hated by dissident Republicans as by any of their 'traditional' enemies.

    That being said, both are unfortunately needed to insure the continued stablility of the North. Also, if SF can get the majority of nationalists (a big if) to buy into policing, will be much harder to rebel later, as they will be part of the status quo.