SF Party Popper Booby Trap Training

Booby-traps set to foil intruders | Newark Advertiser

Having read this story I wondered if the SF Party Popper Bobby Trap (SFPPBT) Course is still taught or has it been superseded?

Was it used for covert protection of hides and OPs?

Is it in house training? Or taught by the RE? (I suspect the latter as Party Poppers and Garden String is a bit websters).


He has to be SF. No-one else in the world would be smart enough to work out how to extend the length of string on a party-popper and attach it to a door entrance :roll:
Why doesnt just stick a couple of claymores in the garden, far more effective!
Gary , I predict, may be off for a rest somewhere calming and safe very soon when his neighbours have found him battering the long dead body of their kid who went to get his ball back .
I await next weeks report when kids have climbed into his garden and stolen all the party poppers.


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the hardest bit which my brothers kept failing in during the annual xmas boobytrapfest was getting the blast to aim at the assailant.

mind you a bit of extra power in there and changing the warhead for mashed potato made mine extra deadly :)

he would have more fun making knee whackers.
Reminds me of happy days in the Watchfield annexes at RMCS - every time you opened a cupboard door, you were never really sure if you were going to get a face full of paper streamers and powder burns...

the best poppers were the really cheap ones, with a thin paper wrapping around the powder 'charge'. That way you could disassemble a handful, squeeze 2-3 'cahrges' in together, and rely on sympathetic detonation* to get an extra big poke.

The there was the annual ritual of the 'sprout cannons' during the Roberts Hall Xmas dinner...

truly halcyon days...

* ATOs: yes, I know it isn't strictly speaking a detonation...

Thought this was the first part of an arrse epic involving Jarrod, some "blades" from H and Amyl Nitrite

Starter title: "Fifty Shites of Jarrod"

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