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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by ryanp16, Feb 22, 2013.

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  1. Wasn't really sure where to ask this. Please move if it's in the wrong section.

    Been doing some reading online and in all of the SF things I've read it's always the OR guys going off on the raids etc. If an officer passes selection do they just sit back and plan the ops or do they get a chance to get their hands dirty at all?
  2. Officers command, they do not generally do.
  3. 0/10 Must try harder
  4. If you watch "Ultimate Force'' you will learn that SF Officers regularly get twatted by fat, balding Eastenders Actors, shag ORs wives and get slotted.

    They can't Map Read either.
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  5. I had a CO once who believed in that maxim; sadly for him (and everyone else), he was barely in command of himself and did very little.
  6. RAF Regt start SF as PO and then go to FO after successfully mounting NAAFI bint. Hope that helps ;)
  7. No, of course not. Every watcher of sub-standard TV epics know that the effete "Ruperts" sit in the rear, issuing ridiculous instructions to the SNCOs who manfully translate them into elegant solutions delivered with maximum force... a perception that might irk Cedric D who was at the head of the D Sqn det which stormed into S Georgia to haul down the Argentinean flag and run up the Union Flag... or indeed one that might marginally annoy the SF grown up careering around Baghdad well before 3 (US) ID hove into view..... and maybe even pique those of us who have had to put up with the demi-Gods foisted into our locations (Hello James, hope you got over missing the flight with the EECP.) No. The chances are that the long-term hedge-dweller will not be the Sqn honcho but that doesn't mean that those who pass the officer phase of selection are going to be gilded lilies adorning the corridors of the Kremlin.
  8. On a slightly different note, is it true that the eyesight requirements for attempting selection require very good unaided vision on par with the AAC standards?

    ie if you wear contacts does this bar you from applying? I was wondering if these new contact lenses that you can leave in for up to a month and sleep in will have changed anything, although I guess even these would cause problems if gas is used / encountered.


  9. Not forgetting that you need perfect colour perception otherwise how would you be sure about the colour of the boathouse?
  10. The colour perception test is of course held in a darkened room, whilst blindfolded.
  11. When you finish school and reading McNabs books, join the Army, do basic training, then wonder about details like contact lenses for the OC A Sqn 22 SAS.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    SF officers can get very hands on if they need to.