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SF MP's lose their allowances


Book Reviewer
Gerry and his pals are going to lose their parliamentary allowances, according to the BBC. :D :D

They're going to lose c£400,000.00 a year.

(Edited to include the money)
PartTimePongo said:
Big deal, let us know when they lose their balls
They never had any balls, part time pongo.

People who murder off-duty soldiers, murder babys and murder a mother of 10 because she comforted a wounded soldier have no balls in my books.
Never mid their expenses, Their wages as a British MP should be suspended as they are members of a proscribed para-military terrorist group!! :x

At least one lanbour MP has the balls to stand up to them! Welldone the NI secretary

It beggars belief that these a-holes have been allowed any perks of the job. In my mind, they are not MP's as they refuse to swear allegance to the crown. I hope this saving is used for something useful like an armed forces charity. That'd P1ss them offl.

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