SF Gunner Support

Who should provide the support to the SF?

  • HAC?

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  • Mission dependant mixture of any arty?

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  • 4/73 Spec Op Bty?

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  • 7 Para RHA?

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  • 148 NGFS Bty?

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  • 29 Cdo?

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  • Kings Troop?

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  • Total voters
Here is the poll that has fallen out of the Gnr Support to SF thread. Who do you think is best suited to take this role on? No longwinded in depth thesis (or cut and pastes!) on the subject here please.
148 - Cdo and Para trained, can call in fire and air strikes - whatevers needed, worked closely with SF for years, would they needed to be expanded though? Then add on which ever unit has the weapon system needed to to suit the mission at hand.
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