SF Down Jacket

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by four_one_f, Sep 2, 2007.

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  1. Hi guys... recently seen some SF boys in a green or grey ish down duvet jacket.

    Anyone know where i could get hold of one?

    All i know is they're not the north face or rab ones from soldier of forutne.

  2. By the look of all of your previous posts your a bit of an SF kit junky.Go on selection pass it then you can have as much gucci kit as you want.Any extra flog on e-bay.
  3. Did you want a down jacket before you saw some "SF boys" wearing them?
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  4. Ok fellas. Thanks for the ripping. Not an SF Junky at all. Work very closley with em every now and then. If its good enough for them then i'm not risking it with sub standard stuff.

    Did want one before but i thought i'd put the feelers out before i fork out 200 quid on some civi sh1te.

    If there is any useful coments i'd appriciate them.

  5. You mean one of these?


    Try Fleabay.


    (And happy walting)
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  6. :D Mega... like it. Thanks mate.

    No not one of those but not far off.

  7. If you work so closely with 'them' then why not ask 'them' where they got them.
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  8. They got them through the system... spoken to their SQ and cant get one that way.

    Was wondering if anyone had managed to get hold of one or has seen one that has leeked through the system.

    Rocking horse is an understatment.

    Not in the business of theaving like some ******* i've met.
  9. Argh the link just takes you to the storefront... okay search for PCU and then go for the'level 7 jacket'...
  10. I know exactly what you want and I'm fcuked if i'm telling you. Get one of your 'SF' mates to tell you. AB blokes were wearing shite like that years ago.
  11. Are we talking about the same thing here?

  12. Sandman, you could have put a bigger picture up than that surely!!
  13. Well, when you get to my age Jack, you're eyesights not as good as it once was. :p
  14. J-D, concise as usual! :wink:

    Sandmanfez, isnt that just a glorified softie???